Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We Need to Have A Tag Sale

In 2000 I sat with a my pastor and another friend of his who also was a pastor from a local church. At the time I was renting a room from a guy I knew at church. Pretty much everything I owned fit in that room. I wasn't what you would call success. They were praying with me about some church junk, and one of them prophesied healing for me in the form of marriage. Wow, that came out of no where.

On occasion, you don't know what you want until you get it.

Today is the 10th anniversary of meeting my wife Mary Anne. We went dutch to dinner at the Way Ho in Bourne, MA. There she was in her floral blouse and light blue skirt. We chatted over a some flaming dish and took a long walk by the Cape Cod Canal. It was nice time. I wasn't really sure what the score was, so we chatted online later that evening.

Thank God for second chances.

Today I am just glad that Mary Anne brought to me what I really needed: healing. She cares about my happiness, she can always be counted on.... try having a heart attack, you need help! She was there when my mother died, she was there every time I came home from a painful visit with my kids... she was there. She's always there.

I have written a lot about the love of my life. Here are few blogs. Valentines Day7th AnniversaryThe Best Wife, and 6th Anniversary.

Like every couple, we've been through some tough times and we are looking forward to a little happiness - well after the current crises is over.

In ten years we have acquired a lot of stuff: 2 houses, a new child, 3 dogs, toys, guitars, and a lot more than I had in my room when I met her. We need to have a tag sale! In spite of all the stuff, we always have each other. That's the best part.

Today I just wanted to say I am blessed. Yesterday we celebrated 8 years of marriage, but the journey has been 10 years.

I love you, Mary Anne!


Andrea York said...

Congratulations. You love and honor your wife so much, it's beautiful to witness and is a blessing to others.

2Sense said...

Aw, that is really sweet. :-) Love the picture - says it all... Happy Belated Anniversary! Gives me hope, maybe that will happen for
me again. :-)

Charlie's Church of Christ said...

well done sir.

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