Monday, August 22, 2011

Celebrity Worship

This week I have a special treat. The gang over at Kingdom Bloggers is going to be doing guests posts (I still have room if you are interested.) each day this week! It is an interesting mix of backgrounds, wit, intelligence (or lack of) and religion over there. There are 5 of us and we post Monday through Friday on the same topic; each from our own perspective. I am little nicer over there than I am here in my hometown, refraining from the use of calling certain low-life segments of society "stupid idiots," however; the rest is pretty much the same. Without further introduction, I am going to start it off, but be sure to catch the rest of the gang right here all week long!

This week the topic is movies and media. Why? Because Tony C, the one who picked this topic, has two freakin' huge TVs at his house and satellite dish as big as Iran. Little does the KB gang know, I watch maybe an hour of TV a day if I am lucky, and most of that is news. I haven't been to see a movie in a theater since Gran Torino in 2008, which starred Clint Eastwood (with his usual gun). It was an excellent movie; one of my favorites along with the The Mission and Bruce Almighty.

Growing up we didn't always have a TV in our house. Back then we had to get off the couch to change channels, and interestingly, everyone watched the same shows. You know, The Wonderful Word of Disney, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, ABC's Wide World of Sports and Truth or Consequences. We even thought All in the Family was funny, very funny!

I know it seems hard to believe, but I never watched Family Guy, Seinfeld, or Lost. I did however; become enlightened watching the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and The Mind of Mencia. I haven't laughed that hard since Cheech and Chong in 1975.

Well now that you have no problem challenging me in the Entertainment category of Trivial Pursuit, I do have a favorite movie that makes an excellent analogy to the Kingdom of God: The Italian Job. That's right. There are the crooks that get robbed by a crook! What did they expect? Most of the "job" takes place in Venice which is sort of symbolic if you think about all that has come out of Italy in terms of religion.

There is the great action packed interaction between characters as one crook tries to outsmart another crook. I love the ingenious and deceptive ego of the character playing the computer nerd and the suspense filled moments cracking safes, planning get-aways and ruses to trip up the others.

The church is sort of like that sometimes. We focus on what others are doing, we trust in man, and we spend all this time trying to outsmart, and out-theology one another. It's all very exciting trying to figure out where we are right and they are wrong - oh and a little success and egos soar as we become "inventors of the Internet" in our own minds.

In the movie there is also a love story taking place. The daughter of a murdered man brings love to a crook's life and it changes him. Love always changes people.

And that is what you and I are supposed to be doing with the Father's love, spending it on crooks who's lives are wrapped up in the wrong treasure - expending love that will change them.


Tracy said...

Never happened to see this movie but I think you've got it right that we do need to be spending our time loving people. I know that God's love has certainly changed me and I want to let Him love other people through me.

Andrea York said...

That's good David. I usually look for theological connections but I missed this - I got caught up in the drama. Good lesson.

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