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Is this Crazy Fad in Your Church? - Guest Post by Arny Sanchez

As I promised, we'll be having some guest posts here on Fire & Grace, and today is the fist of who knows how many. As long as they keep coming, I'll keep posting them from time to time. Let me know if you are interested. Today I have a post over on Kingdom Bloggers if you just can't live a Monday without me.

I am regular reader of The Analogous Truth. It is always light while being heavy, and has a sense of humor to it that usually makes me laugh a little to myself. Arny is very good at returning comments, so show him some love and leave a comment here today, I am sure he will reply!

Hardcore or Watered Down?
By Arny Sanchez
The Analogous Truth

It was going to happen sooner or later.  It was inevitable.  Someone was bound to write about.  I just never thought that It would be me.

It’s the latest craze.  The latest, “It”, thing to do.  Everywhere you look, there it is.  It starts to get a bit annoying after a while, but there is no escape.

It can sneak up on you like a bad habit.  It can invade your life and not even know it.  It runs through your body.  It makes you do things you never thought you could do.

Of course I’m talking about the one and only:  Zumba.  Even the name gives me chills up and down my spine. Zumba is the exercise dance craze that is sweeping the nation.

Have you seen it?  It’s everywhere.  Infomercials,  Facebook statuses, our households, and even in our churches! It’s based on Latin dance moves and used as aerobic-like cardio exercises.

It is the answer to our prayers.  The prayers that went out from us who couldn't keep up with P90X or The Bowflex.

The Real Zumba

My wife made me try it once; at home of course. I was not about to 
flaunt my jiggley, husky body by swinging my hips and shimmies in public. I’d probably kill somebody when they’d see how I move these hips of mine.  I haven’t the least bit of dance rhythm in my bones!

I’m not gonna lie, it felt a little dirty inside. You can’t help it when you shake your booty like that! Not even in front of my wife!  

She is really into Zumba, and takes classes at the local gym. She says the best class  is always on Thursday nights. The Zumba instructor is really hardcore and she says he is really difficult to keep up with.  He uses Zumba a lot more like a fast paced aerobics class. (I might be allergic, I am not sure.)

A couple of weeks ago, she went with some friends to a Zumba class they were having at a community center near by.   She said that it was nothing compared to the class at the gym.  This class was like the watered down version.  It was slower, not as aerobic,  and more for just fun and dance.  Not something to exercise your body fully for a work out. 

Watered Down Zumba like Watered Down Jesus.

Sometime I fear that we water down Jesus the same way. We some times present him as a religious side item we carry around in our back pockets.

We present him only as a tender, gentle push over, whom we shout "Shut Up" to with our actions.

But that is far from the real Jesus.

He is God incarnate. Emmanuel, God with us.  Everything was created by Him, through Him, and for Him.

He is the untamable Lion of Judah.

He is the Lamb of God that was slain, and made his enemies his footstool.

At His Voice the Storms bend their knees in reverence.

At His Voice the demons tremble back to emptiness.

At His Voice the dead rise from the grave.

At His Voice, we drop everything and follow.

Our Jesus can’t be watered down.  The dead still have to bury their own dead, and who ever looks back after putting their hands on the plow is still unfit for the Kingdom.

Our Jesus can’t be watered down.  We still have to deny ourselves, and take up our cross daily.

Our Jesus can’t be watered down. He is still The Christ and the Son of God who bled and died on a Cross for undeserved sinners. He is still the one who took our filthy sin and nailed it to the Cross.

Needless to say, my wife went back to the Thursday Night Zumba instructor because he was the real thing. He was hardcore. As she says. I hope that we can do the same with Christ, and not fiddle around with a watered down version.

What “Hardcore” Character Trait of Christ stands out to you the most?
Have you ever done Zumba?  Or what do you do for exercise?


Duane Scott said...

This was funny. You, shake your hips?

Ya, go for it.

As a guy who doesn't jiggle when he dances, I've always been a bit wishful of those that do. Those that do look so happy, so unintimidated, so lively!

I think it shows good character.

On the more serious note, I see what you mean. I see it all around me all the time. It seems we treat salvation like a sport. We idolize it, write about it, profess it. And on Sunday, we go and cheer for Jesus and we go oooohhh and ahhhh as He delivers grace and love to people.

But then we leave the church, and we're all done.

The show is over.

We go out to dinner and get grumpy at our waitress.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading Duane!

"We go out to dinner and get grumpy at our waitress."

I think you've summed it up right there sir! enough said!

Now go get your jiggy wit it! LOL...

Jillian said...

GOT. TO. COMMENT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reading this post is like taking in a breath after seeing how long you can keep your head under water.
It fills my spirit! I am gulping it in!
I read an article in some magazine in college titled "Gentle Jesus, Weird and Wild!"
I don't like the mamsy-pamsy Jesus that seems to be the Jesus of this generation.
" whom we shout "Shut Up" to with our actions."
That is brutal, dude.
And crazy convicting.
I am not 'trying' to collect blogs, but I'm adding yours to my favs.
And you too, David!

p.s. I totally want to try Zumba! I LOVE dancing, and won the 'Jane Fonda' award in college for my dedication to aerobic participation.
unfortunately, no classes where I live. :(
Maybe I should try the library...

photogr said...

Never have been much of a fadish follower. Zumba dancing is not any better for exercise than good old rock and roll before the dirty stuff.

Hard core Jesus? Is this a new name for a fad?

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