Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New Direction

My apologies for not posting regularly. I have been in a bit if a funk as I am working more and more since my hospitalization. My new focus is my own health. And I am getting ready to do some teaching in a small conference setting. It's time consuming, yet all very exciting for me.

As I move forward on things and in the Kingdom, as I start to take care of my health, I have been messing around with some blogs to encourage people in losing weight - hey, I am down 60 pounds myself.

As you have read here from time to time, I try to have a little humor about it all; life is not a cement tuxedo!

If you would like a few laughs, check out my personal blog over at There you can visit a few more twisted abscesses of my mind, and find out why guys like me are afraid of the beach.

Truthfully, I am not sure what the future of Fire and Grace is, but God sure does. I certainly would appreciate your prayers for the Apostolic School as we've got classes scheduled out into 2012!

Be sure to follow me on Twitter to see how the story ends. It's not over yet! I have a few more posts left in me - so stay tuned.

1 comment:

photogr said...

Looks like God had you chart new paths to follow.

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