Monday, January 22, 2007

Carter in Massachusetts - What Do You Stand For?

On the news this morning I heard that past president, Jimmy Carter will be speaking at a local college here in Massachusetts. He is promoting his new book about the Middle East. I haven't read it and I don't even know that title. I, like lots of Christians, am curious about Middle East policy because it appears to play a big part in the End Times. I am not a Dooms-Dayer, but I keep a spiritual eye open.

What I find more interesting then the Middle East topic, is that Mr. Carter is not taking certain questions during the discussion about his new book. Wow, you write a book, come 1,500 miles for a discussion about it, then you won't take certain questions. Wow times two. I would think if you were passionate enough to write a book, you would be passionate enough to defend it!

Often on college campuses you'll find more liberal mindsets; even in the Bible belt they are there. Here in MA, we have a very liberal state government, the most liberal in the country. Oh, there are a few cities that have us beat for the moment, but we as a state, we are the front-runners in ungodly legislation. The debate, however; is not liberal ideals versus conservative ideals. The debate that is worth engaging in is simple, do our laws and policies line up with true Biblical values?

I don't think that Mr. Carter wants to take any hard questions because they will make him uncomfortable. The truth is, most people don't want to answer for their ideas, their faith or their beliefs. It can be very uncomfortable to be outside the mainstream. How liberal can we be as Christians? Is it possible that Mr. Carter knows that his book is doesn't line up with his professed Christianity? Are we liberal enough to allow things in our lives that really don't measure up to what we profess? I am just posing a few questions that we might ask ourselves. Again, I have not read the book.

Here is another question, is this Christianity worth standing up for, taking the hard questions about our "moral values" and doing it with love? Even when it seems like Biblical Christianity is losing in public opinion polls, and everyone seems to be staying near the middle; trying to be politically correct long enough to move closer to an ungodly agenda, it is time to stand up.

Mr. Carter claims to be a Christian, He could have been a hero for the faith in our day an age, but he won't stand up. How about you?

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