Saturday, January 6, 2007

Global Warming

Wow! Today it was 72 (22c) when it should have been close to 32 (0c). Some of the experts are blaming this unseasonable weather on global warming; others claim that it is just a fluke of nature. Well all I have to say is the ICE AGE ended! How do you think that happened? Global warming! The same experts insisting that global warming is the culprit also say that glaciers extended half way to Omaha during the Ice Age. Today, some of those regions once covered by ice might get snow a few times a decade. This was caused by, you guessed it; global warming. I find it amazing that we can ignore the fact that this happened long before man made hydrocarbons and greenhouse gasses. Now I am not against cutting pollutants in our environment. I think that we need lots more hybrid cars and wind farms. I would like to see us use very little coal and other fossil fuels.

What amazes me about these intellects and so called experts is that they are from the same group that teaches that the Big Bang Theory and Evolution are scientific fact and Creation is a farce. According the Webster, a theory is a guess, not a fact. Now I wasn't there, but I think it is funny that men have evolved and the monkeys haven't. My parents were told that the coelacanth (fish) was a prehistoric moniker millions of years old, and then one was caught off the coast of Africa; alive!

Last year I saw a television production about the life of Paul the Apostle. The producers claimed his "Road to Damascus" experience was an epileptic seizure! Honestly, from one evolved coacervate to another, I think my college professor was correct when he said, "An ex-pert is something that used to be a drip." But he voted for Jimmy Carter and we know how that ended.

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