Thursday, January 4, 2007

Political Rant

Today in Massachusetts our new governor, Deval Patrick is sworn in and Whitehouse hopeful, Mit Romney leaves. For me it is a sad day. Why? Because, for me, Mit Romney represented my Christian principals better then anyone that has governed over me. Oh sure, he has issues, but on all the big debates, ones where a Christian must choose a side, he worked hard to implement many things that I believe in. After 21 years living in a very liberal state where all the important Christian values from pro-life to embryonic stem-cell research have been trampled by landslide votes, it appears that things are about to get worse.

I believe that we reap what we sow. And I believe that there is grace for repentant people. The purpose of a savior is so that we don't get what we deserve... in the end anyway. Some call me a right-wing conservative. Others think that principled Christians like me are bigots. They use the word when their lifestyle doesn't line up with the Biblical "do's and don’ts". The truth is that this moral code was unpopular in the times of Moses, Jesus, Martin Luther and President Bush. And... it will be until the end of time. Some say the moral compass of the US has gone off course. I think it is happening in both the blue and red states. Sure there are some bastions of morality, but they are eroding too. Maybe it is because we took prayer out of school, legalized abortion and we are working towards legalizing other agendas that are certainly not Biblical. Oh yeah, we got to say Merry Christmas with less flack then last year, but was it truly a victory?

I guess the real questions are these: What is the church going to do when the laws change and we are required to hire folks that maybe do not believe in our beloved Biblical principals? How will we exist if we do not have a tax exempt status? What will we do when we are the minority? What about persecution? I don't think that we have really passed the test in round one. When divorce was made no-fault, Christians were running about 1 percentage point better then non-Christians. That's not even a close call. We should be 50 points better and we're not.

As sad as I am about the changing of the guard here in my state, I am more saddened by a church (global) that is still having major problems practicing what they preach... or at least perceived as such. When we turn that around we'll be able to offer something in the political realms. I don't believe we are beyond hope. Many cities have been transformed by the grace and power of a loving Savior.

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