Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Catcher's Mitt - The Pretender in The Rye

This morning's news headlined the Florida heckler at Mitt Romney's benefit appearance. "You're just a pretender," the heckler said. Mitt responded by saying that we need men of faith in the Whitehouse. I think his return comments, which got him a standing ovation, were saying that faith equals morality. He is obviously a principled man who's faith has changed him or guided him in his decision making. So Mitt belongs to the Mormon faith, a religious cult according to many Christians. Honestly I don't think that it is worth debating.

So, what's the real story for Christian here? The banana-head who felt that pointing out his point of view was superior in front of a national audience. What is he thinking? Being right is not a license to be a jerk is it? Honestly, if every husband or wife that claimed to be right; or was actually right, said it like that, we'd have a divorce rate of about 96%!

What I find amazing is that Christians, the possessors of All truth, can't find a loving way to express it to others. What gives a man that right to name call others in a condescending tone in private or PUBLIC? What bothered me the most was the audience reaction to the fanatics "pretender" comments. It was an an embarrassed "ohhhh." It was obvious that believer and non' were disappointed at this guys comments. Yes, I know, Jesus did some of these things, but by the anointing of the Holy Spirit backed with love and a display of power! I saw none of that here. What was he thinking? This wonderful display of Jesus' love is probably the reason that another few thousand people will not attend church this Sunday for fear of being judged. Sad, very sad.

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