Monday, February 26, 2007

Supernatural Happenings - Know It All

I am still stunned talking to Christians who don't believe that God does things supernaturally. I thought that He was in business of having a relationship with us supernaturally? Christianity is not a social club, it's a relationship with God. If it isn't, it is just religion and there are lots of those. There has got to be something that makes us Christians beside claiming it with our mouth. And, if we are going to claim it, then it ought to have some value don't you think? I also think that being a Christian should have some benefit or why bother!

I have received some interesting comments saying that you can't know something about someone unless you have met them, or been "tipped" off. I have to disagree. In 1 Corinthians, Romans 12 and Ephesians 4 it very clearly talks about the "gift" of prophecy. I am not rattled when non-believers are skeptical, they should be. I am sure many of them saw the Steve Martin movie where he has a hidden earpiece. Hollywood is not truth; not even close.

I have a few friends that are spiritually gifted at interpreting dreams. Amazingly most of their walk-ins are Christians that go to churches where "knowing stuff" is of the devil. So what are they doing at a coffee house with charismatic, dream interpreting Christians? I don't think you'll find to many pastors that will send you off to Madam Palm to get a reading. So what are you doing in a dream interpretation coffee house? The answer is the intrigue of the supernatural. It is one of the things that the spirit longs for. If it wasn't true, horoscopes would disappear from news papers, Disney would have few movies, palm-readers and psychics would be out of business.

I think that the church is longing to hear from God. If the sheep know His voice, they why can't most Christians really hear Him? I think they long for the supernatural too. If you are not getting it, look around I believe that it is out there.

The word of God changes lives. The written word and the prophetic word. My experience has been that there are good prophetic people with real integrity and others with questionable gifting. I had received lots of "words" from different people over the years. Some of it was questionable. Then I met some Christians with real gifting. They told me of trips that I would take to foreign lands, gifting that had not yet been uncovered because I was in a church that didn't know about these gifts. They even taught they were of the devil. But these words ignited something in me. It gave me hope for the future, inspiration in times of discouragement. It was God. I am as certain of it now that these things have come to pass as I was the day I received it.

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