Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Here we are on what is known as the most romantic holiday of the year. I confess, really enjoy it. With three girls and a wife, it is a way to "win" in relationship with them. Flowers, cards and chocolates make them feel special. We are a pretty affectionate family, and it is one more good reason to be that way.

The history of holidays always intrigues me. Almost everything that we celebrate in the US comes from a Roman Catholic holy day. As most well know, they celebrate the lives of canonized saints; this is just another one. Most of the saints were "certified" men and woman of God who preformed verified miracles. Their contributions to Catholic Christianity are pretty well documented. On the other hand, there is a fuss in some parts of the church calling this day secular, or pagan... and it is both... sort of.

Valentine's Day was holy day until 1969 when it became fully secular as it is today. However; while it was a Holy Day, it was set aside, like many Roman holidays, to compete with a non-Christian pagan rituals that took place at the time. This is true for Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day and Easter. We have the blending of spiritual achievement, pagan ritual and plain ol' fun on these holidays.

I guess some folks take these holidays to the point of sin. I mean it's all about romance and lust and the flesh, right? NO! This is where the church can step in and be the example. I try to tell the real story when it comes to holidays. The story of the real birth of Jesus, the real raise-the-dead St. Patrick, and yes St. Valentine too!

Let's get a little un-religious for moment. These holidays are tributes to men that set an example with their faith. St. Patrick and St. Valentine along with countless others gave their lives for the cause of Christianity. They were beheaded, beaten, stoned, burned and tortured. Like our brothers and sisters in some Asian and Muslim countries; they did not denounce their faith in the face of death.

Valentines day, it is all about hearts and love. How is your heart? Do you love Jesus enough to give your life for Him?

Here is a the real St. Valentine story. LINK

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