Tuesday, March 20, 2007

History Makers and Museum Keepers

In the book of 1 John the writer testifies to what he has seen the Lord do. I often refer to that verse when naysayers tell me how God, doesn't exist, how He can't do this or that. Funny how they'll go to a psychic or read a horoscope and then claim there is no supernatural God...but that is another story. I testify to what I have seen God do. Paul said, "let me boast about God, not about myself." That's what I like to do, boast about Jesus.

When I think back on my life, I see the places where He has intervened and also where He has changed me. These are things that are not open to debate. Really, I am alive after doings lots of things that could have easily killed me. But more then that, there are the healings that I have witnessed, the people getting out of wheel chairs, recovering from terminal illnesses and even having migraine headaches stop. There are the time when the unmistakable voice gave me amazing advice; the kind that takes your breath away.

Oh sure, there are fakes and frauds out there; Christan hyperbole and downright pathetic displays in the name of Jesus. Even with all of that in the world, it doesn't change who God is one bit. He wants to speak to us and have us love Him like He loves us. He desires to be with us in all of it; the good and the bad times. He says that he will meet our little bit of faith with action. He desires to be there for us. So how does it all get so screwed up? Well, here is my theory. There are those that really believe and those that think they believe. For the ones that believe, Christianity is dead serious. For ones that think they do, they set in motion the things that they think God wants them or others to do. Some of it may be well intentioned and some of it may in fact be good. The principles of giving, feeding the poor and loving work for anyone. The question is do you believe in God and have a relationship with Him? Or is it with your church, your Bible or your friends that do believe?

Now, all of that said, the question of why people suffer here on earth remains. The answer is this. There is sin in the world, there is a devil and there are evil people. God is light, and where there is light there is no darkness. I know that sounds like a lot of religious rhetoric, but it simply means that the light casts out the darkness... where the light is wanted. Where it is not wanted, it is dark, very dark.

Then there is always that question, why doesn't God do this good thing and that good thing? Well, God is A, sovereign, B, He does it His way and C, He is NOT looking at this life quite the same way we are. No, He is looking at all of eternity as a slate to write on our souls.

So, what can we expect from God? Good question. I think it is for Him to pursue us unto the ends of the earth... but probably He is not going to show up on TV or while we are busy doing lots of other things; although it is possible. No, He'll show up in some places where He is least expected, but most hoped for. It really isn't a mystery, if we play by the rules, we'll see God at work. Honest, I have seen it. And you can take the word "good" out of your vocabulary. God didn't come to make bad people good, for no one is good according to God. No, He came to make dead people live; live forever.... but it all starts whenever you believe. God is not concerned about what is in your museum, no, He is concerned about how you spend the rest of history and eternity.

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