Saturday, March 10, 2007

How Can I Call Myself a Christian?

Today I think I've just had it with global stupidity. Having driven in 42 US states and 13 countries I think I am qualified to make some observations. And, I have taken driver's education in two states, the Post Office Driver Training Course, Skip Barber Race Driving School and also was trained to drive an ambulance. Here is one of my observations. Boston is the epicenter for absurd traffic signage, lights and some of the worlds worst drivers. It is not enough that Framingham has green lights with no left arrow... I know, that doesn't make sense, lots of intersections don't have traffic lights with left arrows. But are they as ingenious as this? The oncoming drivers sit at a red light which only long time residents know about. Yes, they sit there for 40 or 60 seconds staring at you from across the intersection, while you wait at a green light to make a left turn, supposing that you'll get slammed if you cross traffic. It's amazing that you are unaware that they can't proceed.. nothing a little green arrow count' solve. I have found 3 of these wonders complete with horn-blowing local drivers behind me. I guess they are just to far from civilization to have a left green arrow.

Here is another engineering marvel. Today I waited to take a left turn in the "left only" lane at Shopper's World. After I turned left there was a loading dock to my right (a dead end) and I took another left and a few hundred feet down where I wanted to take a right, there was a one way sign point left. So I turned left which brought me back to the road I originally took a left on. I did have a choice to go right, but that would bring me back to the highway half way home. So I turned left only to end up in the left only lane where I started. Had I not been a jerk and just went straight, I might have been found out there sometime tomorrow. I just want to know how much that idiot that engineered that got paid? Possibly it was committee that secretly opposed to the right.

I am not sure if it gets worse where right hand curves on the interstate are banked to the left instead of leaning in to the curve. The Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park is easier to navigate then 91-S in Springfield, MA.

Another favorite was the street sign in Worcester that was so close to a building the you could not see it until you were passed it. There are a few of these brilliant sign placements in Worcester. Downtown Boston is worse. For 21 years I have lived within an hour of Boston and only met one person (my wife) that actually knows the names of the streets and can navigate them. I can't tell you how many times I have been with experts trying to read signs saying, "I know it's around here somewhere."

Add to that mess, some of the world's worst drivers. I am getting a dash-cam just to record the license plates of jerks that don't use directional signals, talk on the phone without a headset while weaving to and fro across the lane lines... and follow too close. 128 is a staging area for the idiotic. I wish I had time to put all the infractions up on Plate Wire where you can see a listing of the Jerk d' Jour in your state.

So how is it that I can call myself a Christian anyway; having these feeling of rage? It is a thing called grace, the free gift of forgiveness I received though Jesus Christ. We are not Christians because of what we know. I am not a man because I studied for the test. You can't be a Christian because of what is in your brain. You can' t be a Christian because you have been to church. Otherwise I would be a citizen of 13 countries and 42 states. Nope, it is a relationship with a living God that makes it all possible no matter how the signs seems to be hidden.

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