Monday, March 5, 2007

In The Wings

I guess life is partisan. Really, the left and the right both seem to be taking turns at taking center stage preforming characterless atrocities. There is more mudslinging then a monster truck rally.

Again, I am always amazed at what the Christian's are saying. Belittling others, saved or not is not becoming; particularly on national TV. Yes, Jesus made strong statements about those who would not do it God's way. But he didn't do it until he had offered them Heaven's best in terms of wisdom, healing and forgiveness.

It has been my experience that God deals with people when He and they are ready. There is certainly a lot of judgement and little grace these days. Paul talked a lot about grace in Romans. He said that God came for us while we sere still in sin... that He would use everything both good and bad in our lives if we would just love Him. How is it that we need to present Jesus so that others fall in love with Him? Jesus said that we shouldn't judge, but the the Spirit would judge all things. Seems pretty simple, don't judge and teach others to love God... and let God do the work.

Politics? There is no place for cat calling and mudslinging. Yes, sometimes we need to tell it like is, but can't we do it with love... once we have shown Heaven's best?

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