Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Farewell to Falwell

Whatever you think of Jerry, he has left his mark on American society. Some will remember him as one that proclaimed that the AIDs epidemic and 9/11 are judgement from God. Others will remember him as a political influence that got Reagan elected in the 80's. Here is what I think. (That is why you are reading this blog, right?) Whatever gains we have made politically, are cancelled by proclaiming judgment on the nation which is the job of Jesus. Don't get me wrong, I believe that sin has consequences and when an alcoholic dies from cirrhosis, or a smoker from lung cancer, I think, well you got what you paid for. I know there is grace and mercy, but that wages of sin is still death. It was God's plan for us to live forever, that is why we need Jesus. The point is to leave the judgement up to Jesus.

History bears out the sins of a a nation bringing judgment on themselves. It happened to Israel a number of times. It also happened to the Roman Empire and the early Greek states. Where a nation runs wild with sin, there will eventually be judgement. The inverse is also true, when a nation humbles itself, there will be revival and blessing. Revival starts with one person humble before God. It is about individual hearts changing, not nations. I think we'll see where things really are in the '08 elections. There you will see the heart of the nation. It will not be about the right-wing nuts and the left-wing loonies. It will be about the heart of the nation as it expresses where we stand on the issues.

Is it important for a Christian to speak out against that which is wrong? YES! But please do it with love and kindness. If you are a sign carrying protester for Jesus, I really want to know how is that working for bringing the lost into the kingdom? Are people being offended or evangelised? How is the evangelism business in your church? Are people coming to get saved? Leaving healed? Has God made an indelible impression of His love on them? Or have they left saying, "religious nuts"?

In the final analysis, I am sick of loud mouth politicians on both sides of the fence playing the schmooze game. Some of the evangelical leaders are judging others while they refuse to see themselves. If there is going to be a judgement, then it should start in the house of God.

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