Saturday, November 29, 2008

PC vs. Mac

Have you ever sat in front of your PC and gotten some eternal hourglass, or blue screen of death? You restart and the same thing happens?!??! You just want to kill the kids for picking up some spyware on MySpace or Facebook. After three restarts you know you are in trouble. Didn't you hear the salesman when he said, "there are two types of people on this earth, those that are going to lose data, and those that have!"

Whatever happened to point-and-click? Windows was supposed to be plug-and-play, yet, was better know as plug-and-pray. Years have gone by and Windows '95 (Macintosh '86) has had 13 years of development and upgrades to become the best operating system in the world. "VISTA." This is the mountain top computer experience, right? No! This is hell on the big screen. Nearly a year after its release, we are no better off then we were the day of the release. The carnival in Redmond, better known as Microsoft, has suckered the public into beta testing (and paying for) it's latest and greatest. Can you blame me for not believing in evolution?

I am always amazed at the Mac vs PC war. Which is better? Which is easier to use? My question is which is more likely to keep on running without reloading the operating system? I have often wondered if our cars ran as poorly as our Windows computers, would they qualify under the lemon law? In truth, I think of the ever popular Windows like a Ford Escort. I have never met anyone that said, "I dream of owning a Ford Escort." But millions do. Think about it.

But there is a bright side. Windows was green first, using the Recycle Bin instead of a desktop Garbage can.

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Rich Carey said...

I've been a PC guy since they came in in '81. I endured every version of Windows (as a tech guy) right up until Vista. That was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back for me.

I went down and bought 3 new Macs. I bought the first iPhone and then the 3G. I've going the cult of Mac, and I'm encouraging all my friends to take the big leap.

Sure.. Apple is arrogant and a bit more expensive. But I'll tell you what, if Jesus was here, he'd use a Mac. 'Nuff said.


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