Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Demonic Part IV - The Joy of Ministry

If you have been following these last few blogs, you can see that God is at work against the powers of darkness, while He makes it possible for us to participate. As a Christian I never would have picked many of the circumstances that I have been in where God has used me. I would have preferred some much neater, and less stressful situations. Something like Sunday school teacher, nursery worker or vacuuming the sanctuary. But that is just not me. I am looking for the types of meetings where God is at work, it is not always entirely predictable, and there is some sort of anointing -- a song, a word or a prophesy. I have a lot of other things that I would rather do with my time then sit and listen to what I can hear on the radio. I am looking for a relationship with my Lord.

As the last part of my series on the the demonic and the wiles of the devil. Some times the life of a minister can become routine; even a part-time one. I admit that I was kind of board of teaching home groups, messing around with a worship team that didn't want to rehearse and trying to find some new people to prophesy over. I was looking for deep and could only find shallowness.

In the midst of such a season, a few years ago, I was asked to speak at in CT. My bother and I had received and invitation, and we went together. We did a tag-team for 5 meetings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. In between meetings I was heading back to take care of my pregnant wife about a 90 miles away. It culminated with a small Sunday evening meeting of about 60 folks. I don't really care about attendance as long as God is at work. It was a light hearted worship time and then I felt led to share some of the stories about my encounters with darkness. (I had never done that before, and until this blog, since.) Nothing like inviting the devil come and get even!
The meeting was a bit light hearted, and I laughed about the fear that I had displayed in some of those rendezvous with Lucifer. As the preaching came to a close, I really didn't know what to do about a ministry time or alter call. The theme of our weekend was more about hearing from God than about spiritual warfare. I simply said, "if you are in a battle, or need to hear from God, then come forward." Folks began to line up. I did notice at first, but there was a man with a beard, and high heels and a skirt on. I remember thinking, this is a challenge, because I can't imagine what he is doing here, how he got here, or even why he is here. I'm sorry, I am more used to drunks coming to meetings, people that are living together and that sort of stuff. I said, "You know Lord, I am the one that needs to hear from you!"
And He answered. "I want yo to pray that the spirit of rejection will be broken off him."

Wow, I could do that. As I approached this guy, he had is eyes closed and as I touched his shoulder he gently raised his hands in front of him, turning them palms up, as if to receive. I began to tear up. I am sorry, I saw this rejection and the damage that it had caused-- possibly from God's perspective. That verse about doing what I see the Father doing raced though my spirit. I saw a man reaching out to God and something about it seemed desperate. I asked God to break the spirit of rejection over his life. His head seemed to snap-- like a crash dummy in slow motion. I think we were both a little surprised. I just kept on praying and watching, and he soaked in the presence of the Lord. One of the church members came over and gave him a hug. I saw a single tear in his eye. He stood at the alter until just about every one in the building was gone. I saw him shake the pastor's hand as he left.

I spoke with the pastor a few months later and he had been coming to services for about six weeks. I don't really know what God was doing in his life, but I do know that even now, when I think about that experience, I am moved by how awesome God is, and how He has defeated the devil.

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