Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cancer Prayer Update

For those that have been following the cancer posts, I will receive a check for the "prayer for cancer" web site project. I am counting on you for prayer support.

Why am I doing this? Well, both my folks died of cancer and I have walked through a year of healing with another close friend. Honestly, eventually, it touches every one's sphere of family and friends.

Yesterday, I attended a memorial for the 31-year-old, the son of a friend of mine from the worship team. Lung cancer took his young life. He did have prayer support from his church, but what if he didn't'? How would he have known the Lord's grace throughout it all? As I watched the videos of him saying his wedding vows, and making jokes while on a ventilator, I am certain this is an important endeavour.

Today I am spreading the story of a prodigal, one who came back to His Father when things got tough. I saw the impact of Kenneth's life and faith on his pals from collage and colleague's from work during the service. They knew, in the end, he was serious about Jesus. He leaves his wife and family pondering the sovereign hand of God, as they await an eternal reunion in Heaven.

For me, having the head of grief stricken father on my shoulder as I embraced his sorrow... as he remembered his son's last words to me, is a place where I can plug into that which I see the Father doing. As Christans, we don't have to be special, just available.

I am taking a week off to relax a little and be with my family. I'll look forward to your comments when I return.

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