Monday, March 23, 2009

Prayer for Cancer

I had a fun story about our weekend trip to the New England Aquarium this weekend. But, I got news that one of the young woman that I have been praying for, finally passed away from cancer. I will get to the fun stuff in the next day or so, but this was more important.

We have been funded to put together a web site that connects cancer patients with someone that will pray for them every day. The domain name has been purchased and I am working out the hosting issues. My vision is simple, no one that wants to have ongoing prayer for their cancer, or that of a loved one, should go without it. It can be the highest quality treatment some folks will ever receive.

If you'd like to be involved, here are four ways that you can help.
-1 Pray for this little ministry, and make your self available to pray for others. I believe the more prayer we have behind it, the more effective it will be for those that suffer from cancer.
-2 Once we are up and running, spread the word. It's free prayer by Christians for anyone that desires it.
-3 We don't have an easy way to donate, but if you want to, I can get you our PO Box. But right now we need PRAYER!
-4 Pray for me and my family, for wisdom and protection. No God idea goes unchallenged (I have been doing this for many years.)

HERE are some posts that you may want to read that I have written about God, and His interaction with folks that I have known with cancer.

Here is the new site:

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