Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Started - So, What If...

I am writing to myself today. What if we launch a whole new church model? What if you are an apostle or prophet? Even if you're a pastor, a teacher or an evangelist, then what? So many are not functioning in unity. There are too many para-church ministries that are profitable (who would leave)-- ones that should have been part-of-church. Do you think we could talk them into splitting the glory?

Conversely, there are loads of loaners out there, people-- well people like me, that care about the kingdom, and see the American church in disarray. We have tried to plug-in, got our newcomers gift at that door, and now the candy is gone, the coffee mug is lost, and the CD is at the bottom of the pile. Sure, we did the beginner's class, and the spiritual gift assessment... hell, I wrote the the darn thing!

I am wondering, is my personal revelation in the past 6 or 7 blogs a total miss? I am wondering if the church will adopt this new way of thinking? Or will what is left of the church as we know it, just go away? What if we start a new work, will we just have another Christian Ghetto? You know, a place where there is limited opportunity, people hurt each other in the name of Jesus, and power, money, and titles become the goal of discipleship? A place where no one really commits to another, they just say hello in the men's room and will pray fr you if you show up at Bible study. Hmmm....

I have a few thoughts - hey, isn't that why you read my blog? In order for this 5-Fold thing to work, we have to get buy-in from someone besides ourselves. Because they are foundational, apostles and prophets need to start linking up and committing to get something going. Make a commitment to local expression in your area. Me, I would try having a small-group that follows the 1 Corinthians 14 format... well just to get things going. We need to be led by the spirit. We need God's vision, not ours. In the process, we need to remember the following.

-1 Love/Covenant - We are to love people. This is outlined in 1 Corinthians chapter 13. It involves being kind, not making a list of wrongs etc. HERE is more on love.

-2 Power/Gifting - We need Holy Spirit power, and nothing less! I like the Quakers, they only did something when God moved, and otherwise they waited. We need to impart gifts, and receive those that are not like ours. It is about body building, therefore; every part is needed.

-3 Teaching - Good biblical teaching is essential. If you can't teach, pray for a teacher! For God's sake, don't rehash a bunch of junk that you read in a book, or have heard over the years. People are looking for manna, not wonder bread. We need to address relationship, witchcraft, covenant and so much more.

-4 Mentoring/Modeling - Do you have a gift? Teach someone else how to do it better than you!

-5 Accountability - Can you just stop being a jerk, and let someone love you enough to be involved in your inner most secrets?

-6 We need to be fruit inspectors. If those we are in contact with are not feeling connected or loved, than we better take a close look at how religious we are.

Anyone want to join me?
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