Thursday, April 9, 2009

Logic and Stupidity... to the N-th Degree

Today I saw this bumper sticker. It's right up there with my least favorite, the one that says "Coexist" in different religious symbols. Add to this an Obama sticker and I am in road rage mode.

I am not sure who said it, but this statement is right on in my book. "Evolutionists have done to science, what hypocrites have done to religion."

I heard a scientist, you know, someone that has a theory or hypothesis, and does research and experiments to back it up with facts, call herself an "evolutionary biologist." Honestly, I think that is the best oxymoron I have heard in this millennium. Before you call me a creationist, or an uneducated jerk with a religious opinion, you need to know that I have studied biology, both in high school and college. I watched regeneration take place before my eyes as I viewed a planaria under the microscope. I dissected frogs, worms and fetal pigs-- all before I met Jesus. I also studied both invertebrate and vertebrate anatomy. And, I worked as a medical photographer recording cutting edge surgeries and research data at an Ivy League university medical center.

I have listened to the debates on both sides, and I have to tell you, my instructors and professors in school had me convinced that evolution was more than plausible-- even as a Christian. It was taught as "fact." Their logic was impeccable. The "links" just seemed to make so much sense. Schleiden and Schwann were my heroes as discoverers of CHON, coacervates, microspheres and liposomes-- that study cliched the deal. Furthermore; my mother was educated at one of the best universities in the world, and she believed that we, like the end of a movie, fade to black when it's all over.

Me, I was certain that I understood the mysteries of the universe, and what I didn't, I found many plausible theories for; evolution was one of those. What I didn't do, was my own research until I was a teacher at a Christian elementary school. I had a very intense discussion with the sixth-grade science teacher. She gave me a video that presented much of, what I now consider, flimsy evidence supporting the theory of evolution. The truth is that after thousands of years, there are just not enough connection fossils to support the theory. If there was, this would not be a debate. That fact remains that the "links" or "transitional" fossil just don't exist, and they never will.

Why is that we can find a fossil from stage 1, and then stage 2, but nothing in between? If you look at the fossil record for a place like New Zealand (check out FRED), you can't find a complete set in any one location, never mind in the entire earth. So, ask yourself, why is one present, but not the next? If these fossils were so well preserved over millions of years, why don't we have a perfect evolutionary progression in the fossil record? Did we forget to dig somewhere?

Scientifically, it just doesn't hold water. Even with genetic engineering and cloning, we can't evolve a species beyond a few "mutations." Again, the lack of a progressive fossil record is our best evidence.

Sure there is loads of debate over carbon dating, forensic anthropology and other scientific disciplines that have embraced the Theory of Evolution. For the last time, the fossil record is not even close to complete. Logic is not a substitute for facts, and you don't have to read your Bible to know that-- just watch CSI. There was even a court case where "Creationism vs. Evolution" which was televised on PBS. Creationism took a hit. The folks promoting the agenda apparently lied. Besides God is not on trial, and never will be.

My story is simple. A few weeks before I got saved, I fell off my motorcycle showing off for a girl in the neighborhood. I didn't get hurt, but she seemed concerned. "Thank God you're OK." she said.

"Thank God?," I laughed. "There is no God." I chided.

"There is to. I can't believe you don't believe in God," she fired back.

"Well I don't! The Greeks believed in gods and they were wrong. They just used the mystical to explain things they didn't understand." I said, kind of proud of my argument.

She looked a little sad, and said. "Whether you believe it or not, Jesus died for your sins, and He loves you."

It was a very awkward moment. "Yeah, right." I said in an unconvincing tone and fired up my bike and raced off down the street.

A few weeks later, the love of God invaded my life, my theories went out the window, and my heart was changed forever. I was stunned at the transformation in me-- something was definitely different! My belief system was shattered. Nothing made sense but the fire that burned in my soul. I loved to just close my eyes and feel His presence. When I tried to tell others what happened, I couldn't hold back the tears.

Therefore; all I have to say is, God made man from dust. I'd like to see some scientist do that!

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Anonymous said...

The problem I see is that micro evolution, which does exist and is provable, only operates within an existing species. Yet people not wanting to consider an alternative have generalized from it a macro evolutionary theory that, taking the logic from the observable micro evolutionary theory, seems air tight. Except for the lack of evidence. There are examples of changes within a species yet no change from one species to another. In cases where they lay out the progression as in "natural history museums", the intermediate species are all fake, made up to prop up a theory that has no evidence in nature.

David said...

Anonymous - exactly. There is no evidence, and there isn't going to be any. We agree, mutations routinely occur within a species, and it "seems" probable that a new species could be created. The problem is there is a lack of any fossil evidence; forget compelling fossil evidence. Additionally, in DNA tests of dinosaurs, they have discovered that they have no known ancestors. DUH!

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