Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So, Why Would Anyone Want to Be Like You?

In our world of political correctness, economic uncertainty, divisive politics, and church that can't even keep half the people that come through the door, what's the big deal? You're probably a Christian, one of about 30 who read this blog each day. So, why would anyone want to be like you? What would cause a sinner to want to be saved by grace and become like you?

No kidding, as Christians we have our own language... we're going to a meeting, you know like PTA right? Or maybe mass... which sounds like the name of a heavy metal grunge band, don't you think? I wonder if mass is ahead of Ozzy in the charts? One guy told me the glory showed up at his service... I am like, "dude, I have never heard of them, do they have a MySpace?" One new mother was trying to get some anointing to use her toddlers diaper. Crazy.

Some of us tell folks they are going to Hell, and many think, I have already been there. And when I get there all my friends will be there. But the ones that really know about Hell, they are certain that Hitler is there, and rapists and murderers and everyone else that has really harmed them. Have you seen the confused look on people faces when you tell them need to be saved? "Why, did my plane land in the Hudson?"

And it's not just what we say, but worse, it is what we do. Forget the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal, Ted Haggerty and Rick Warren lying coast to coast on TV, I am talking about what happens on Sunday morning between the rest room and the pew. Have you stood around talking to your buddies from home-group, the worship team or Bible study, while newcomers looked for the coffee pot and someone to listen? Do you stand around fellowshipping, while strangers walk out the door, maybe to never come back? Did you give someone your email, or get theirs? Do you already have enough friends? Do people know what you do when you are home alone and no one is watching?

So, you call yourself a Christian, what do you believe? Does God answer prayer? Do you pray? Come on, really? Does God love you? Did you share His love, not the word love, but the action love with someone else? Do people know that you are a Christian by what you wear, what you say, or how you act? Are you a good parent? Are your kids serving God? Do their friends know they are Christians? Do you believe that God delivers people from addiction? Did you know that 1 in 10 kids live with and addicted parent? What about them, do you have time for them?

If we are going to preach a Gospel, then it needs to real, because we are real. If we can say to ourselves that so-and-so needs Jesus, the we need to model it for them. Otherwise who can they turn to? The pastor? If those who come to your church don't feel significant, then where else should they go? They are already in counseling and taking sleeping pills and anti-depressants by the handful. Ask yourself, are addicts getting cleaned up in your church? Are people getting healed, needs being met, and the Gospel going out and returning with new converts?

It's a tall order for weak people. We need Holy Spirit power. without out is we are just being religious. Power? I like what Bill Johnson says "The Church has been without power so long that when it shows up we think it's a devil"

Matthew 16:6 Then Jesus said to them, "Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees." NKJ

The Pharisees were model citizens, upright in so many religious ways. But they were far from God, far from His power, and caused others to follow them down the path of destruction. We just can't afford o be like, yet with half the people that have been to church switching to other religions, we need to quickly find out what we are doing wrong as a church.

The good news of the Gospel is that we don't have to do it. We just need to be willing and show up.

If everyone on church treated you the way you treat them, would church reach more people for Christ?
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