Friday, April 10, 2009

Who's Line is it Anyway?

I recently watched a clip of the Drew Carey hosted show, Who's Line is it Anyway? I have to say, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile. But what does that have to do with church?

I think about the different ways that God manifests Himself to His people. We have all been taught about the abiding presence of God; He is in me, and I am in Him (John 14). But there are other times when God's manifold presence (here and now) invades earth. (The kingdom of God is at hand.) This presence is as varied as the names of God in the Bible. I have seen the presence of God manifest in the aroma of lilies and roses, frankincense and myrrh. Other times His presence was so incredible that my knees shook in the sense of awe and reverence of the Most High. Other items it has been like a warm tropical river or blazing fire. And other times the stillness was amazingly alive.

Peoples responses to His presence are varied. Some cry, others laugh, some feel repentant, just to name a few. The presence of God in our lives should be so rich, that we experience Him different ways at different times. Even as I write this His presence is great. I enjoy the relationship that I have with Jesus. One day it is one of reverence, and another He is just a cool Dad talking with His kid one-on-one. Some days He is King, and I am royalty, others He's Dad, and I am the son. Some days He is the Savior and I am the broken soul. And some days He's the correcting Father and I am the rebellious child. Each day brings a new depth of intimacy when I focus on Him.

I have tried to set my life up in such a way, that I get to flow with Him. Some days it is all I can to get a few minutes with my Father. I might just take a minute and sit in the car in front of the house before going in. I don't have a routine, I have a relationship. The cool thing is that God always returns my calls, my texts and loves to hang out with me. I never feel rejected, put off, or unloved. When I pray, I feel like myself, the real me, the one that doesn't have to preform, do a good job, act a certain way, or be sensitive to others. Nope, I just tell it like it is, and He responds.

One of the things that I have learned to do is enjoy God. I keep a short list, I listen to worship music as often as I can. I tell Him that I love Him and I cry out when I need help (it might be better if I did that BEFORE). I look for opportunities to reach out in His name, and I take quiet moments to reflect as needed. I have fun with my Jesus.

Oh yeah, and sometimes I go to church. That's my line.

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