Friday, May 22, 2009

The Blues - You Can't Just Play It, You Gotta Live It

I have been playing guitar for along time. I grew up in the rock-blues era of the late 60's and early 70's -- that is when I formed my musical DNA. When I was in music school, I learned lots of different stuff, but I learned the blues which a bunch of homegrown guitarists. In the movie Crossroads, there was great line. "You don't play the blues, you live it." It's funny how music can be such an expression of the emotions, yet so technical. I guess that my writing is a bit the same... maybe you identify with some of the emotion-- shaking your head, sometimes saying , "yeah, I feel like that" - and you are not too worried about my comma-sense. It is parallel to the difference between being legalistic or spiritual. One is the essence of God's Holy Spirit, and the other is simply head knowledge about God. As we battle to forces of life, God is building character, and that is something that you just gotta live. Happy Friday.


photogr said...

There was certainly some great pickings in that clip. Wonder who the real artist was or were.

Love music but can't play a tune.

Yo can't just say you are a Christian, You have to live it.

David said...

The main artist is Steve Vai. Ry Cooder is doing the blues thing for the kid. IN the final part of the solo with the classical mix, that is also Steve Vai behind the kid.

artee03 said...

I cried!!

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