Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - Because Freedom Ain't Free

I was thinking of writing my own Memorial Day blog, but my brother wrote one that I liked a lot. For me, it's been a long time since I had to line up with a bunch of other naked men and bend over for the Army doctor at the New Haven Armed Forces Recruiting Center. 30 something years later I still know what a flagpole truck is. And believe me "give me 5" (50 or 100) has a whole new meaning when it's 112 degrees and 90% humidity.

Today we remember what's been done for us, the sacrifice made by millions of Americans over the centuries. From the battles of Bunker Hill and Lexington (which are just a few short mile from my home) to the deserts of Iraq. I salute you.

Memorial Day - Lee Johndrow

My dad was a veteran of World War II. Like many he paid a price. (Even as I write this, today would have been his birthday.) When he died left behind 2 Purple Hearts. My Dad was proud to have served his country. He lost many friends. (One of his Purple Hearts was the result of losing a buddy in a foxhole.) He was soldier, through and through. And memories included that he never passed a wounded veteran without speaking to him. And no matter how "cheap" the artificial red poppies looked, he always gave.... More

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photogr said...

Certainly a fine tribute for Memorial Day.

My Dad also served in WW11 during the Burma Campaign flying C-47s. As I child I never grew tired of his stories and today I still remember them like it was yesterday.

Have a peacful Memorial Day.

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