Monday, June 1, 2009

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah He Reigns

I don't know about you, but some days I go through the motions of Christianity... too many days in fact. I can be blatantly religious about my faith and worse, my experiences. But on occasion, God shows up in spite of my stupidity.

If you have a minute, you might want to listen to this tune before you read on. It's really central to today's blather.

He Reigns - Newsboys

Last night I took the older girls to the 10th Anniversary Celebration of a church that I once attended. I actually had two tenures with them. I first met Pastor Mike when my own church's worship team helped them kick off their regular meetings at the local Baptist Church as they transitioned from a home-fellowship. I sat in on electric guitar that Saturday night in early 2000. I liked them and decided to stay on the worship team for about a year. When they moved from regular Saturday night services to Sunday morning services, I sadly had to step down. But I had built relationships that were meaningful and we kept in touch. We even attended there for a few years before my move to greater Boston.

At the same time (2000), I was doing some young adult meetings which I wrote about last year. You can read the full blog HERE. The following is an excerpt.

... I just asked the kids to be nice to each other, spend a few minutes in prayer before starting, listen to a few worship tunes and a short (5-8 minute) teaching, then we'd have pizza and listen to Christian rock and talk. The kids started to bring their friends to experience the power of God. Most of the new kids had never been to church in their lives. It was really different for them. We went from a weekly meeting to five or six a week! I was amazed at how excited they were about Jesus. Some of their parents came to the meetings and God healed a few of them too. One woman had migraines so bad that she was bedridden a few times a week, and in the ER nearly once a month. This went on for many years she told me. God healed her. The last I heard, she went nearly a year without a single headache.

I'd just like to update you. I saw her at church last night, and she said, "do you remember me? I am the one that got healed of headaches. I still don't have them!"

I choose this tune, He Reigns - Newsboys, because the worship team played it last night. I have played, and listened to it many times in the past few years, but last night it rocked my world. This morning at 2:25 AM it was playing in my head and again at 5:30.

He really does reign! Glory!

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photogr said...

Amazing what music worship can do to you. I really get into it at the Cincy. Vineyard ( yep I am still there). As, a matter of fact, I am moved more with the music than the sermons because I can be expressive with my devotion to God. Now if I could just sing or play music on key.

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