Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Operation Bass Pro Shops - Make a Splash

http://www.basspro.comHave you been to church just knowing it's going to be the same old thing? What if you went this Sunday with the idea that church should not be business as usual? What if you went believing that we could cause a stir for God-- shake things up or be a little bold? What if you decided that church was not just for singing a few songs, listening to a message and having a little coffee afterward? Here is a video of a couple of kids that decided that Bass Pro Shops wasn't just for fish and fisherman. I think it's a sign!



TeVeT said...

From what I have been told, Everytime I sing in church it is never 'business as usual'. Ha?
Honestly, this entry convicts me, because I have such low expectations of Sunday dis-service. Holy Spirit can move upon anyone at anytime, after all He did get through to me.

photogr said...

I can just imagine when a Sunday service includes baptism and some kids decide to jump in to cool off. UUMMM. I am afraid I have just been tempted.

Dear Lord.please forgive me for what I am thinking. I am a sinner of the flesh.

Tony C said...

That would have so been me 30 years ago!

I'm thankful God brought me through my crazy, stunt-filled teenage/young adult/thirty-something years. lasted that long for me...I'm a slow learner.

David said...

@Tony C - Yeah, my wife would like for you to pray for me. She is not convinced that those day are in the past. BTW - How's your cannonball?

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