Sunday, June 7, 2009

Would You?

I was listening to the pastor this morning. He asked us at what point we think Peter got saved? When he met Jesus and followed him? When his nets overflowed and he wept bitterly about his sinfulness? When he said Jesus was the Messiah? When Jesus said "Satan get thee behind me?" while Peter blabbered on about his faithfulness to his friend? When he denied Jesus 3 times? When he said "Lord, you know I love you?" It is a good exercise.

My wife and I had a frank discussion about where we are with church today. We indulged in expressing some dissatisfaction over a list of things that have happened to us at church these last eight years. We actually think we're justified in becoming atheists, but we'd like your opinion before pulling the plug on Christianity all together. So here's the drill, at what point should we have left Christianity, and called it quits?

- The time the home-group leader said he would like to invite us for dinner and never made plans.
- The time one of the woman at church asked how we were doing, the cut us off to tell us about her dream?
- The time that the pastor decided that my actions were not in accordance with his rules, and met with others before talking to me?
- After we were asked what we need, and we said friendship? Which was followed up by weeks total silence.
- The time the pastor didn't like a prophecy about one of his flock, so he he shut down the prophetic for everyone. All while the prophecy in question came to pass.
- The home group agrees to a picnic, and then doesn't show up.
- You say that you need help moving, and only the pastor from the church where you don't go shows up?
- You are told to plan a mission trip for the pastor, and he cancels it leaving everyone wondering just what happened?
- You asked if someone could get involved with your kids that were having a tough time, and the pastor said, we don't do that, this is a church, not a counseling service.

You know, I'd be really interested in what you think about these types of thing.

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TeVeT said...

On behalf of the Church I apologize for the church's attitude and behavior. I truly am sorry that people have to encounter such short sighted thinking.
Thank God, your Faith, Hope and Love is so much deeper than some of those you have encountered.
I could put up a few verses about forgiveness and love but, I haven't been that 'active' in a fellowship for years, so I won't waste your time or mine.
I will write this, I am thankful for the contacts I have made outside of sunday service,facebook and blogging because I am tired of encountering the Elk's Club and Moose Lodge crowd at church. People who are seeking an organization to belong to and not seeking Jesus and the fullness of what He has for the Church.

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