Sunday, July 5, 2009

8:21 am - Random Thoughts of a Tired Blogger

This morning I am sitting in a quiet house. My wife and daughter are off at the farm taking care of horses, goats, ducks and chickens. My adult daughter is asleep, and the dogs are quietly laying in their beds after their morning meal. I am chuckling to myself wondering why we've never seen the headline, "Psychic Wins Lottery?" I am looking forward to church this morning-- I haven't been in a few weeks, therefore; I am thinking about God's presence and wondering what it will be like today.

I am still savoring the picnic for my older brother's birthday I attended yesterday in the Green Mountains. As we were sitting on picnic table beneath the maples and pines, my sister-in-law briefly critiqued my blog-- "it's not always so serious or theological, I like that" she said. Apparently a few funny thoughts are more uplifting than a treatise on worshiping in Spirit and in truth or a thesis on the the five-fold ministry. :) On my way home I was meditating on that as I tore up the pavement in my Mustang GT on VT 131 -- nah, not really. I was practicing apex cornering, blasting Tim Hughes' Happy Day and redlining 350 horses, all while running through the gears; rounding each corner, racing by mountain pastures, old farm houses and an endless array of Yard Sale signs. It was, however; a very spiritual moment.

I confess the picnic was more fun than church has been for me lately.

Last night I was also reading a blog about how one can be deceived by chasing after signs and wonders-- something Charismatics need to be careful about. By the way, you may be wondering how many charismatic Christians does it take to change a light bulb? The answer, three, one to cast it out and two to catch it when it falls.

Over the decades, I have experienced God in so many ways I can't describe them all. The warmth of His Holy Spirit, the healing of Jesus, and awe of his majesty... amazing. Once you've experienced the real Jesus, you would think it would be easy to stay away from empty religion. Remember this thought, there will be a test.

Why is it, that many Christians fear the supernatural, and yet read horoscopes? Honestly, hasn't the church been under that same management for 2,000 years? Is it the lack of teaching, the lack of excitement, or the lack of brains? We report, you decide.

It has been my diurnal pattern to think about what church is really all about. When I distill all the pieces of the things which I read and talk about with others, it always leads me back to the big picture. I really hate the word balanced-- I prefer in-whack as opposed to out-of-whack. The Bible is very clear on what a church body is, what it does, and how it functions. So what is the problem with the blueprint? Possibly it is the blueprint readers?

I think that it is entirely possible that we are so concerned about being deceived, that we can't make any progress at all. I always think that it is a good idea for two or three to gather in His name so they don't have to figure out each nuance of life in the spirit on their own. That is such deep revelation, it should be a Bible verse!

I was also wondering how religious you think you are. Hypothetically speaking, as you enter the church on Sunday morning, you suddenly trip and fall. What do you do?

a. Remain prone and break into fervent prayer.
b. Yell out, I need healing!
c. Wave your arms in the air and begin speaking in tongues.
d. Crawl to the nearest chair.
e. Blame the deacons for not posting a sign warning of stairs in the church.

As you can see, our responses to church can vary depending on our worldview, our training (or lack of) and our religious experience.


photogr said...

AH HA! So you are really a closet case lead foot.I knew it. It is uplifting to get out on the back roads and blow out the cobwebs sometimes. What an adrenelin rush it is.

The wife and I both had been absent from church the last couple weeks due to a Viral infection but going back today was a great feeling. Even found a book on the "Gifts" in the book store just staring me down and screaming Buy Me!

I can imagine one does get in a rut going to church every week. I have too. Sadly the church pastor also must have the same feelings sometimes. If you look back at some of the great leaders in faith, many thought out side of the box rather than follow traditions.

Such as the case of "gifts", it was not well known in churches before the 1900s. We can thank the Penticostal ( Charismatic) movement for that.

Sadly, most denomonations still do not accept the "Gifts" as a mainstream of their faith. That is where many are wrong in their thinking ( follow the set guidelines only).

What we need today is more open mindedness as far as faith in the Body of Christ in order to maintain followers and win new converts. As it is stated in scriptures, we must follow what the Lord says as the absolute truth and utilize all that is available in worship to Him.

What kind of a Christian am I if I triped and fell in church? I have done that during collections once on some steps. Sure wished I had your list of suggestions at the time.

Steve B said...

Good stuff !

eaglegirl said...

I think we may have both read the same blog about Christians chasing after signs and wonders.

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