Friday, July 24, 2009

Are You Tired Yet?

I live near Boston, and all sides, from the Cambridge Cops to the president, have weighed in on the arrest of some black Harvard professor. There were four reports every 15 minutes on my ride home. The poor kid from Cape Cod that died in Afghanistan so all these idiots could have freedom, got 15 seconds for the day. Pathetic!

I am taking the side of the cops on this one. They put some big mouth who went ballistic because the cop was trying to protect his house, from what was thought to be a burglary, in the slam. Go figure, the president gets involved because it's his friend. Who cares? The big mouth got cuffed for being a jerk and the governor of Taxachusetts says everyone has the right to raise their voice to the cops in their own house. Please. Can this get anymore pathetic? I almost said that I wished we could get more Michael Jackson news. Nah. BTW - I denounce any sort of racism.

With two wars, a sad economy, record unemployment, and the potential for being heavily taxed for the new health care plan, don't we have anything better to focus on? Am I the only one that thinks our news reporters have to be dipped in one topping or the other skewing the reports? I am sick of it-- and what we focus on is even more amazing to me. I don't know about you but I am tired of spin from both sides. I would like to see some honest facts presented.

How about you, more stupidity, or honest facts?

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photogr said...

If you are caught going into a house and you fail to cooperate with the cops, you should get your hiney put in cuffs. No wonder the police are getting skittish responding to a real issue of house breaking. The cops were in a no win situation with this over educated jerk.

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