Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mall Cop - How Stupid Can You Be?

Last night I watched Paul Blart Mall Cop. I had seen the previews as well as having some co-workers that were extras in the film. I have also been to the Burlington Mall in Massachusetts and eaten at the Rain Forest Cafe. Familiarity, relationship and the few tenths of a second where I knew someone, peaked my interest.

As I think about some of the scenes, it still makes me laugh to myself.

It wasn't a 10 for sure, but I did find the relationship, the action and some of the characters pretty interesting. It also made me think about church. I always think that it's funny how Hollywood sees life-- I am glad it was comedy. But so much of what we are taught in church is out the window in this film (and hundreds of others). I did like the fact that the father protected his teenage daughter from the evil theives. She actually listened to him-- now that's not reality!

I was also thinking about a recent incident that happened with someone at church. Have you ever had someone say, "If you need anything, just let me know." It is the kind of thing that a person might say after someone dies. It is also pretty popular at church. People mean to help out, and do have good intentions. I just find much of it as insincere and shallow as the pen salesman in the movie. I mean, what if I did show up for the dinner you said we should have, or called you to make sure that you knew I was moving this weekend?

Well, I stupidly took someone up on their offer, and made a plan to have them help me. I received a phone call about an hour before everything was supposed to go off saying that it wasn't going to happen. I'm furious! You see, I am no Paul Blart, and I can't just go buzzing around life on my Segway, outsmarting the bad guys like Kevin in Home Alone. I just wanted to protect my teenager and needed a little help.

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photogr said...

That is life. I have learned to depend on no other ( human) for help. Been betrayed too many times. The only one that is always there for you is the Lord. That is where I put my trust and dependence.

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