Monday, July 20, 2009

You're Kidding Right? - 40 Things About Middle-Age Kids

Today I got one of those personal surveys-- you know-- forty questions about what you like and what you hate-- does someone have a crush on you? How come 14-year-olds send these to old people? I am rebelling. Here are my 40 questions.

-1 Do you have a mortgage?
-2 Have you ever bought your own toilet paper?
-3 Do you own your own car?
-4 Who pays the insurance?
-5 Ever been pulled over for DUI or DWI?
-6 Ever been on Cops?
-7 Do you save money?
-8 Do you even have a full-time job?
-9 Do you have a 401k?
-10 How many inches has your waist gained since high school?
-11 Do you dye you hair because you have to, or like to?
-12 Do you have hair?
-13 Do you have hair growing in places it didn't used to?
-14 How many cars have you owned?
-15 What was the drinking age when you were old enough to drink?
-16 How many pounds did your first cell phone weigh?
-17 How long did it take you find the @ key when you first got email?
-18 What's your favorite TV show that is not on MTV?
-19 Do you pay taxes and not get them all back at the end of the year?
-20 How many kids have you taken to the ER?
-21 Did you know that cell phones can be used for calling and texting?
-22 Have you ever traveled using a map, and not a GPS?
-23 Have you eve had to get off the couch to change the channels?
-24 Do you go to church?
-25 Why do you go to church?
-26 What was the first book you read?
-27 What was the last book you read?
-28 Are you on Facebook to "creep" your kids, or find old friends?
-29 Is dinner burning?
-30 How do you feel about colonoscopies? If you don't have feelings now, you will at some point.
-31 How much does the Tooth Fairy give?
-32 What's it like to be in love?
-33 Who is you favorite musician?
-34 Do you have clothes older than your kids, nieces or nephews?
-35 Are you doing what you studied in college for?
-36 Your next vacation is to?
-37 Anything you wish you had done before now?
-38 Anything you wish you hadn't done before now?
-39 Anything you need to do before you die?
-40 Where are you going after you die?

Pass it on to your kids and their friends, thanks.


photogr said...


I am sending this to my grand kids.

Mamakita said...

A 14 year old didn't send it to you. Your wife did.

Tony C said...

I'm not sure I'd take your quiz...I wouldn't want to answer a few of those questions. least honestly.

Tevet said...

Very cool entry! Better questions than 'what's my favorite movie, tv show, food...'
#6 is classic
#21 could lead to 40 questions all by itself.
#25 AWESOME question, could lead to 40 questions all by itself
#36-#39 GREAT questions.
40 The best final question for any 'need to know' quiz

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