Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving On - Follow Your Heart

This week I negotiated for the 4th family automobile. It's amazing how easy it gets-- and how comfortable I am doing it. I have decided that they count on the fact that you don't do this very often. The average person buys a car every three or four years. But I am not average-- not even close buying four in two months!

The last Yari (plural of many Yaris) I bought, from a previously tortured salesman, in a town where they have a water ban because of a high bacteria count. He offered me a a bottle of water. "Has it been boiled, or do you save the tap water for customers you don't like?" He tried to smile.

The thrill of the hunt has gone and now, buying a car is little more annoying than standing in line at the check out counter. We should be good for five or six years. I'm moving on.

It looks like it is the season for moving on. For three years I have endured the local church-- and if you read some of my older blogs, you'll see that I put a lot of effort into local ministry. It doesn't have to do with anyone in particular, I just haven't connected in any meaningful way. I had hoped to do some ministry, hit the coffee shop and get to the shooting range once in a while. It didn't happen. I am better friends with the Brazilian guy that pumps my gas once a week. And my best ministry is online-- pretty shallow.

The question I ponder is this: what do you do when church is has no passion, every new vision seems to be the same old thing, every sermon is one that you've already heard, and you have 800 pseudo invitations to dinner, but never get a date and time? Like most Christians, you go to another church, meet a few hopeful friends and start the cycle of disappointment all over again. Or at least that's what I have done.

Do you blame yourself for not pressing in, the pastor for not caring, or some other excuse as to why there is little in the way of power, love, invigorating teaching, or intimacy with Jesus? I did. Have you sat down to think about why this is happening over and over again? I do.

I went to a really cool church two weeks ago,-- great worship and deep teaching (and a few laughs) with a friend of mine. I even got an invitation to coffee. It's over an hour away-- and probably more than I can do on a regular basis-- but I liked it! Jesus is refreshing.

About a year ago I listened to a testimony from guitarist and Christian artist, Lincoln Brewster. He simply talks about playing what's in his heart. I have to tell you it blows me away that he has become free to what God put in His heart. In the end, that is all I want. How about you?


Steve B said...

Hi dave, What was the new church you attended ?


photogr said...

Perhaps I should hire you to buy my next car for me.I am thinking my next car will be a three wheeler with a NASCAR rollcage for safety.

Well I have to agree with you on brick and mortar churches. It is hard to find one. We thought we found one 45 minutes away from us. We pass over 20 churches close to our home. The jury is still out on that one.

Internet ministry is not that shallow. It can reach more people than you think. Of course you don't have that close fellowship that is a requirement but you still can make a difference to ones not affiliated with a local church.

If the church has no passion, give it some.If the elitist feel threatened by your passion ( and I have experienced that recently)over look them and seek out the ones receptive to you.

The one thing I had to do is some souls searching to find some answers for my experiences. A lot of it was me and a lot of it was the church members. You know you might be at the wrong church when the lot is filled up with BMWs, Mecedes Benzes, Bentlys, and Cadallacs when you drive up in a beat up old Chevrolet.

I found church members to be slow in accepting new members. My brother in law started going to a new church a few years back. Things were quiet and he remained obscure for about two years then all of a sudden he was asked to be on every thing going on in the church as well as be a pastor ( layperson pastor). I guess sometimes the members don't take you seriously till you have been there for a while.

For some reason in the past the pastor was the prime contact in getting you involved in the church. Lately it seems the pastor has delegated the responsibility to others with in the church and they might not be the best ones for that position. This raises the question. What do the pastors do besides giving out sermons on Sunday any more?

I don't have the answers either so I just continue to do what God has led me to do so far. Internet evangelism.

Hannelore said...

Hi, David, have you tried small churches? When I moved to NC, I definitely didn't want to get involved in small churches because of some bad experiences, but they can be great even if they worship with music CDs. I've always found that a church where the only people who were friendly were the greeters was trouble - I felt like they were the professionals and I was their project. A small church may lack many things, but as long as the Lord's there, who cares? He Himself said it only took two or three... I guess it's the Lord's presence that counts.

TeVeT said...

I guess I just have low expectations of Sunday service that when something cool happens I am pleasantly surprised. :-P

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