Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Road Ahead - Have You Thought About It?

The other day I rounded a corner while taking an afternoon ride with my family, and saw a sign that I have never seen before: "Caution Church Ahead" Wow, I guess it must be a big church, and when they let out, there is a lot of traffic or something along those lines. Then I had this thought, is this church a safe place? The next morning I got up and was watching the news with my wife when they showed a clip from a police "dash cam." It was of a 7-year-old that had stolen his grandmother's car because he didn't want to go to church that morning.

It seems a little odd that someone would be running from church, don't you think? I mean, isn't that where the answers are supposed to be? If you catalog your own experiences at church, how would you rate them? For some, church is a great place; they fit in, and seem to grow. For others, it is the last place on earth they'd like to be. Why is that? Are they too damaged to receive God's grace?

For many years I have been taught the same things over and over, there is not "fresh manna" very often. I guess, somehow we get into a routine that eventually leaves the Holy Spirit out of the picture. When I read passages in Acts and others such as 1 Corinthians 14, I wonder how we got so far off track. Do you?

This week I made a difficult decision. I have belonged to a small-group for about three years. Due to many different things going on for me and the others, it was a month since we'd last met. During that time, only one of the three others called me to say hello. I admit, it was a test. Two of the guys I would pretty much call each day on the way home from work. The other one rarely even returned my phone messages, so I stopped calling him some time ago. I decided that if this is the type of fellowship that I am attending, that I should probably look elsewhere.

This week I also was emailed the following graphic, I think it's revealing of what many think about church. Does it bother you?

In the end, it is time for the true church to wake up, and do something different. What we are primarily engaging is not working. Still not convinced, here is a blog you might want to read STUPID CHURCH PEOPLE.

But if you are looking for something different, something alive, then let's talk about reaching out, loving others for real, committing to doing the work of Jesus, and for God's sake stop blaming God for our stupidity. It is time to read the Word, live the Word, and preach the Word; or shut up. It is also time to be led of the Spirit and to learn how to do what the Father is doing. If you are confused about this, you need to ask God to show you. If you know how, then teach others.

Our primary responsibility is to be obedient to God. This may not look like Sunday morning service. I am not saying that all churches are wrong, I am sure there are some safe places where people are passionate about Jesus, and only want to please Him. If you know of such a place, I'll meet you there next week.


photogr said...

When I looked at the 5 pillars of liberal faith I was thinking where our Government is heading or is at right now.

Through out the years I have visited and attended many churches and demominations in many cities to find the perfect one because of my frequent transfers.

All had flaws to some degree because of the different mission statements for each denomination.

I would think it was primarily due to the combination of the members with different ideals and social backgrounds having to gel together as a single entity and cause. To some degree it may well be the cause of people leaving the church entirely due to the lack of unity by all members.

All churches primary goal is to win souls to Christ period. Today the average non believer is quite intelligent and you "ain't going to win any thing with hellfire and brimstones preaching" then go off living a life of greed and sinful ways.

All in the body of Christ must lead and win others by setting an example in your daily lives all the while being ready and poised to explain what Gods plan is for their lives when they will accept it earnestly.Now this means every day, not just Sunday.

Oh how I yearn for one day all believers in in the Body of Christ will be united and follow the same goal set forth by the Lord.

Tony C said...

Let me know if you find it too. I'm often amazed at how easily distracted the church body can be...distracted from God's work that is.

I know the church body is comprised of imperfect people, but we should draw strength from one another in the assembly to overcome the pettiness and spitefulness that in no way reflects our Savior.

Yep...I'm a little naive at times and maybe idealistic, but doesn't God deserve our very best?

TeVeT said...

I really don't see the church becoming the CHURCH. I see the CHURCH rising up outside of the box, errr, 4 walls of sunday service. That's where I see the Love of Christ at its greatest.

transplant2x said...

Do you want to come to the new church I'm exploring here in Hendersonville? It might meet your criteria. Their website is

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