Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Commuinication - The Joy of Marriage and aTale

Finally, after a number of years of not being able to find a reliable babysitter for under $100 per hour, we did. Tuesday is officially Date Night! It is a chance for my wife and I to get out of the house and focus on each other for a few hours. I do look forward to it. We are typical in many ways of other married folks. We are too busy with work, kids, church and "stuff' to get a lot of quality time together. She has a pretty rye sense of humor, and sometimes it is a load of fun -- other days, life is too darn serious for both of us. Last night, however; went "something" like this:

ME: Where would you like to go tonight?

MY BELOVED: Some place nice-- but it's your turn to DECIDE.

ME: * Thinking, "do I have trouble making up my mind?" * I need to go to the pharmacy and drop off a prescription on the way.

MY BELOVED: That's sounds like the perfect date.

ME: *Smiling* I don't think they serve steak there. Do you know of any place near there, I'd like to take a walk while the weather is nice.

MY BELOVED: There is a track at the high School.

ME: * Thinking, "That's not very romantic." * I guess that's OK.

MY BELOVED: *Here chuckling* We can go to the lake.

ME: That sounds nice. * Thinking "Thank God!" *

(Pulling into the pharmacy parking lot)

ME: Would you like to stay in the car?

MY BELOVED: What are you buying something that you don't want me to know about?

ME: * Thinking "Yeah co--" * Just get out! Now! * Thinking "I hope she knows I am kidding-- the next few seconds will tell." *

(We walk into the pharmacy - scene fades to the lake.)

ME: What do you think of the class at church?

MY BELOVED: Teach me SOMETHING, I don't know already.

ME: Hey what kind of dog is that? * Changing the subject *

MY BELOVED: I can't tell from here.

(At the lake)

ME: I wonder what time the tide comes in?

MY BELOVED: You just keep wondering and I'll be in charge.

ME: Where do you think we could eat?

MY BELOVED: There is a Japanese place next to the pharmacy-- you know, where we are having our date. And I have never eaten there, so I am not responsible. You were supposed to DECIDE.

ME: Hey what kind of dog is that? * Changing the subject *

MY BELOVED: I can't tell from here.

(At the restaurant.)
ME: They have sushi!

MY BELOVED: Do they have like cooked food?

ME: Yes, it right here. * Pointing to the menu. *

(Waiter serves me a tray of sushi and sashimi, soup and salad)

ME: Would you like to try some, there's tuna.

MY BELOVED: Well, I guess could, I eat rare tuna and I like rice.

ME: Here let me mix the wasabi and soy for you. Take what you like, and add the ginger pickle to it. I'll make the wasabi half strength for you. You can always make it hotter.

(This part happened kind of fast, but I'll try to describe it.)

MY BELOVED: * Face imploding starting with the left eye socket while her head moved back from the table-- left hand searching for her ginger ale, in breathing sounds somewhat like when she was giving birth to our little one. *

ME: Are you alright! Is that your contact lens on your cheek? I am so sorry. I am really sorry I didn't know. Was it good? Damn, are you alright?


ME: I am really sorry.

MY BELOVED: Whew! I think I'll skip the wasabi.

ME: * Thought of saying "that's not how you eat sushi, I learned from the Koreans-- I am like an expert." * That's probably a good idea. You're a good sport. I am really proud of you.

(Enjoyed the steak and asparagus warps.)

ME: Are you ready to go?

MY BELOVED: Yeah, we don't want to be late for our date to the drug store to pick up your prescription.

ME: I love you.

MY BELOVED: It's a good thing, I can't imagine what full strength wasabi would have been like.

ME: I'm sorry. I love you.

MY BELOVED: I love you too.

Of course my wife has a totally different account of last evening. We once talked about writing a book together-- but we couldn't agree on any stories so it would only have a table of contents.


photogr said...

Well David. I think you blew it. It is funny though. Has she started talking to you yet?

What no romantic candle light dinner at the Ritz or a romantic movie at the movie show?

Sounds typical of most married couples night out any more.

Better luck net time.

Mary Anne said...

You forgot the part where I told you it felt like my brain had been electrocuted over the top and then down into the back of my skull.

transplant2x said...

Luckily my husband hates Japanese food, and especially sushi - so we won't go there!

Tracy said...

You made me laugh.

I think sometimes there are too many messages telling us what romantic times "should" be. The fact that you love each other enough to make that time to be together speaks volumes of love.

Tony C said...

I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one who mentally wanders during date night.

Next time do raw oysters with Tabasco...mmmmmmm.

Hope that prescription cleared up your rash!

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