Thursday, September 10, 2009

Health Care - What Is Going On?

I usually stick to spiritual issues, but this health care debate seems to be one-sided and vary partisan. As a Christian and an American, I need to say something. WE NEED HEALTH CARE REFORM. Why? Because it needs to be improved. I do laugh at the mindless critics that think there is better health care in some other country. We have the best in the world despite its shortcomings. I bet when Michael Moore gets sick, he doesn't go to Cuba for treatment.

There is currently a quote circulating on TV and the Internet which says "No one should die because they can't afford health care, and no one should go broke getting health care." I don't agree with the statement 100% because it is shallow, it does not address the issue directly. It implies that we just leave people dying in the streets, which is an exaggeration to some extent. It also implies that we are heartless, but Jesus knew that a long time ago. And as Christians health care is NOT our savior!

So, let's take a realistic (and Christian view) of what is really going on here in the US, and how, as Christians need to respond and pray.

There is a lot of talk about a partisan solution to health care. Please, give it a rest. Neither side has the best solution, Jesus does. I could care less who's name is on the bill, and who votes for it. That is probably been the biggest problem from the get-go. Christians need to vote from their heart and the knowledge of God in their lives, without following a party. We saw it in the last election. Christians split over peacemakers and speech-makers, justifying their votes with pathetic arguments in some cases. Since that time the anti-Christian (social) agenda has advanced. How? Universal health care will include abortions funded by our tax dollars and our money is already supporting this in other countries. Does that bother you as a Christian? Sure, while we focus on a few thousand brave soldiers that have died in service for our freedom, we overlook the tragic slaughter of MILLIONS of unborn babies. As Christians, we need to do the math! It is bad enough that you and I now own a chunk of not one, but to failing auto companies, while we had a Cash for Clunkers program aimed at helping Americans purchase imports! Is anybody thinking for themselves!?!?!

By the way, God only had one choice for president, some Christians were not listening to God. You decide which camp it was.

The second issue with Universal Health Care is cost. Sure, would like to see everyone have health care. But let's face it, around the world, the rich get better care than the poor regardless of the system. Last night we heard about how we are going to cut costs. Yeah, right. Excuse me Uncle Sam, but your track record doesn't show us that in any other entity, venue, project, or branch of government, that you can do this efficiently. We already saw how our vets were treated at Walter Reed. Enough blather! If our government health care is so good, why did Senator Kennedy get to go to Duke UMC, a non military hospital, for treatment? I am just asking? Electronic health care records are a joke. The contractors will eat up all the savings in palm padding-- GE -- supporter of the current administration already has their hand out of the health care database contract.

Honestly, if your spouse caused you as much mistrust as the US government has in so many areas, you'd most likely get a divorce.

If you look at real costs for hospitals and physicians you'd see that their malpractice insurance is usually anywhere from 25-55% of their gross expenses! Just think, limiting malpractice to sane caps, could be the largest savings of them all! At least 25%. But why would a government comprised primarily of lawyers who make money from these lucrative suits against doctors, drug companies and hospitals want to take a pay cut? I realize that you can't say how much a life is worth, but after how many millions does it become ridiculous? When I was in grade school the loss of an eye or hand was established, not negotiated. The families of those who die in an airplane crash get about $21K!

That's mt take primarily against the left wing. But wait about profiteering insurance companies on the right wing? I say we do the following. Remove the threat of lost coverage because of preexisting conditions. Yes, it cost them more but it is just the right thing to do. Individuals should be able to join groups and receive insurance from a group at the same price as a large company group gets it for. I think that would remove the fear of being dropped, or having the same coverage as someone else at a much higher price. Of course it is still fine for airline seats and concert tickets to have different prices.

Personally, I am not completely convinced of the savings that preventative care is suppose to provide. They are betting that Medicare costs will drop because people have taken good care of themselves. But let's say that people get a physical once a year along with teeth cleaning and an eye exam, it is going to cost something more than we are already paying. My concern is that catastrophic illness doesn't usually come in the middle of life, but at the end. Healthy people get old and die-- or have we forgotten that we are not immortal. I am sorry, but I don't see people dying of less catastrophic illenses at an older age.

When it comes to purchasing health care, most individuals will put it after food, clothing shelter-- or HDTV's, cars, homes, designer clothing and a load of other things that they can put on plastic. It is a proven fact that it is not a priority for most US citizens-- well until they get sick or think that they can get someone else to pay for it. It is human nature to go for the free ride. However; as Christians we need to be responsible and pay our own way as God prospers us.

Here is a test. I was quoted $11,200 for dental work about two months ago. It is not going to happen from my checkbook. I would think that I should be able to put my need out there on the Internet on or some place where others are eager to pay for my health care, and for those in support to UHC to feel obligated to send a check. THEY WON'T! So, let's stop kidding ourselves. No one wants to pay for some else's health care, or anything else for that matter. It is just not human nature. As Christians however, hopefully God has changed our heart and we can be generous as He has prospered us.

Now for the truly poor that need coverage, and can't afford it. This is an obligation of the church. That's right, Jesus said that poor you will always have with you. Are you listening church? Paul said that we should take care of the poor, the widows and the sick and visit those in prison. Church, if we are doing a good job, the poor will be flocking to us.

Jesus said that we should pray for the sick, and we'd see them healed? Not happening in your church? What are you going wrong? We should be seeing salvation, we are evangelical aren't we? is that happening in your church?

Just think, what if the multibillion dollar health care bill passes, all the cronies have their palms greased, and then we have a world-wide healing revival and hospitals are empty? I think that would be pretty funny. You don't think that God can do it, read Like a Mighty Wind or John G. Lake's Collective Writings.

In the final analysis, this whole health care debate is about making the government our God and savior. We want security where we should be trusting God. Our health and everything else needs to be in His hand. We trust God, or we are in sin.

The last trumpet will blow once the government, or the head of government, known as the Antichrist will set himself up in power and eventually end up in the temple. That is what happens when we give over our responsibilities to the government. As Christians we need to be vigilant about the power that we give to others to exercise over us. True love sets us free, and gives us wisdom from on High. When government interferes with peoples lives we only need to look at the books of Daniel or Nehemiah to see what happens.

And he shall confirm a covenant with the many for one week. And in the middle of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the offering to cease; and on the corner of the altar, desolating abominations, even until the end. Daniel 9:27

Revelation 13:5 The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise his authority for forty-two months.


TeVeT said...

Great entry, David!
Some very quotable lines that I will definitely be sampling or tweaking to make my very own! ;D

Honestly, if your spouse caused you as much mistrust as the US government has in so many areas, you'd most likely get a divorce.

When it comes to purchasing health care, most individuals will put it after food, clothing shelter-- or HDTV's, cars, homes, designer clothing and a load of other things

Church, if we are doing a good job, the poor will be flocking to us.

photogr said...


Health care. It is already some what free right now. You don't need insurance to get medical procedures but it helps. We were unable to get health coverage privately two years ago as the wife had pre existing conditions and insurance companies would not cover us.

My former employee refused to provide insurance plans for their employees wih the pre existing clause so we were sunk. Upon retirement age I told them where they could go.

I had prostate surgery last year and paid the bill my self.It took a great deal of price haggling but was able to get the procedure with what an insurance company would normally pay. I saved $30,000.00 and paid it on a monthly pay plan. The kicker is, had I not haggled with them on price, I would have paid $45,000.00 total for the surgery and hospital bill.The kicker is the Drs. and the hospitals will price gouge you with out insurance coverage. This has to stop.

Granted the liability insurance they pay is outrageous and in included in the prices of procedures. Frivoulous lawsuit limits must be enacted to reduce this expense. Our best friend,s daughter is a doctor and she had said that her malpractice insurance is almost 30% of her doctor fees to each paitent. That is $45.00 of her $150.00 dr visit fee going to insurance.

Naturally the liberals want to take control and we all know how efficient they are in running things.

When The liberal want to take control and force a plan that no body wants, I can only guess which palms are getting greased behind closed doors.

Lets hope the citizens of this country are smart enough to see the hand writing on the wall during the next elections and clean out Washington of the socialist demogaugs now in power. That is if we still have the right to vote.

Yes the church should get involved in helping the poor and the needy in our own country. Do they do it? In my church they send hundreds of thousands of dollars to third world African countries to drill for water while the political leaders in those countries live in plush mansions. The same nations our government sends billions to. Where is that money going?

However we do go out and give out free bottled water or man a soup kitchen from time to time in Cincinnati. Ok maybe we will go out and cut some grass in a poor neighborhood or pick up the beer cans in the street but are we really helping our own poor and needy? We should be more proactive in our own neighborhood first before we expand over the globe.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for the day. Teach him how to fish and he will eat for a life time.

If you look at prophesy, we are in those time as described in scriptures. It is just a matter of time before the Anti Christ is revealed and his or her time is drawing near.

Tony C said...

Now we're talking. This is a very political post for you...I'm proud of you!

You make a number of great points, including one of my favorites addressing our personal priorities in the country.

The 'hand out' and 'it's not my fault' mentalities are alive and kicking in the good ole USA!

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