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A New Political Vehicle - WWJD?

Ever get riled up over political issues or have a political discussion? Regardless of what we feel or can logically debate, as Christians we cannot forget Biblical principals. It is as easy to become as partisan as the dopes on the other side - whatever side that is. However; the majority of Christians are a little too apathetic about politics - feeling that somehow what goes on in the world has nothing to do with them and their faith. If you are thinking of stopping here, I am probably talking about you. I know the readers of this blog are pretty well informed-- I am talking about everyone else. :o(

A few months ago, a blogger by the name of Tony C. breached the idea of a Christian political party. I have pondered the thought for weeks. I even mentioned it on another blog and got lambasted by a very politically (pro-choice) liberal Christian. I'm sorry, I am having a hard time using a capital "C" to describe that Christian -- I am thinking christian would be better. You know, like God and god. Let's face it, some people who say they are Christian, are not.

I believe that all my readers have the opportunity to vote wherever they are located. It is true that Churches sometimes encourage members to vote, and also to write their representatives in Congress, state and local legislatures. That's good, keep doing it!

Truthfully, Christians have tried to have a religious political machine and it got some messy reviews. And currently, the power in the US is still in a two party system. What there doesn't seem to be room for, is people that think for themselves and know the Bible. Folks that are not left or right, liberal or conservative, or Democrat or Republican - but Gospel believing Christians selecting candidates that best promote Christian values.

What I am proposing is a movement of born-again, Bible believers that see influencing politics as a way to increase the Kingdom. A group that will express Biblical principals and get the word out to their representatives in every level of government-- starting with schools and working up to the presidents, kings and heads of government. It seems like a huge task, and it is. So, what we do has got to be easy, concise, and passionate -- and biblically truthful - not some dogma or philosophy based on a few truths in the Scriptures. We can't be hypocrites-- claiming faith and voting against that which our faith demands.

I would like to see social issues presented in a biblical fashion - the same way that some say you can't legislate morality -- I think Christians can express their worldview regardless of the opposition. Why is it that Christians can't just say what they believe, and refer to the chapter and verse that supports what they believe? Isn't that how we preach a Sunday sermon? Of course we have to have love, that goes without saying. I am not suggesting picketing with verses on a placard-- that certainly is one option - but most won't do it. We need to send a message to those in power and be diligent about it. Email, fax and phone are cheap and easy.

Christians we need to stand for what we believe and be vocal. Maybe it won't change much, but it could. Let me say right now, there is not a diversity of political thought in the Kingdom of God -- although some would like to think so. He wants it one way! We certainly can join in on TEA Parties and things like that, but the Christian message is far more important than mobilizing a "group," it is mobilizing the Kingdom of God.

Matthew 11:12 From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force.

We need to be careful of coming off like a radical fringe group which will leave the church with another black eye. I do agree, it is becoming tough to be biblical on social issues without getting the "F" label. We need to stand for what we believe and be vocal! If you are like me, you probably feel that you cannot get involved easily, or make much of a difference - heck, I write a blog for a hundred readers. It's what is in my heart and I go for it. If God is in it, He'll bring an increase.

Here are some ideas for you to ponder:

-1 Can you supply Bible verses to back up a Christian perspective on social, economic and political issues like: feeding the poor, gun control, war, peace, abortion, gay marriage, environmental concerns, health care, corporate greed, unemployment, prisons, education, foreign oil, and a myriad of global social injustices ? If you can't, you should be able to. This is why taking a party line and calling yourself a Christian can get you into trouble. There is no one party that supports biblical Christianity.

-2 Would you be willing to publish your findings on a web site so that other Christians could use them for understanding how important it is to respond biblically and not politically? If you think about what Daniel did in Babylon, he simply was a Jew that prayed and observed the law. He did not go out and picket, or make a lot of noise, but everyone knew where he stood, and why. The same was true of Elijah, Gideon and eventually, Moses.

-3 Are you willing to work on behalf of the prayer of millions of Christians going out world-wide, crying out for His return and an end to injustice here on earth? Maybe you are too busy-- I don't know. You have a voice, I hope you are using it.

-4 Honestly, if it was easier to get a message to your government officials, would you get more involved? Remember, Paul and all the other apostles ended up in a court of law and were exiled or executed because of their faith and the conflict that it had with the culture. They didn't go after political gain, they lived the Gospel. Paul did, in fact, use his Roman citizenship as leverage for promoting the Gospel. Real Christianity will cause political conflicts because the principalities and powers of the air are influencing leaders around the globe.

Our primary focus is to be the Kingdom of God, and nothing else. However; the Gospel is not meant to be a personal blessing, but a message that we bring everywhere we go - everywhere. It would be good if you were versed on the present issues, but better if you can simply provide those that represent you, a worldview. IE: The biblical values that you believe. Sometimes these will address issues, and other times they will address a group of issues. And remember, biblical issues are primarily social. Polls say 80% of the US believes in God and yet only about 15% of all Americans are active in contacting their representatives on any issues. Perhaps you are one of them.

Jesus preached a gospel that was in conflict with the entire culture, from the pagans in Rome to the religious zealots in the temple. His focus on the kingdom brought to light corruption, injustice, sickness, and sin. He didn't advocate to have the 10 Commandments on the wall of the court, but He preached them, lived them and confronted with them. That is what Jesus did, and I assume, what He would today if He walked in our midst as a man.

Are you in?

Contact US Congressman:

Contact US Senators:

Contact President Obama:

Please Google you state and local governments.


photogr said...

It is our duty as Christians to be in contact with out congressional and state representatives concerning moral and ethical issues that go against the scriptures.I generally fire off an Email or letter once to twice a month to my political representatives voicing my opinions.However, they are rather hog tied to the current controlling party through fear or agreement.

It is some what surprising that one or two athiest can get legislaure to change laws to out law God but a moral majority fails to have their voices heard to the right people. The difference? The athiest campaigned and made their small voice heard. We can do the same if we spoke up too.

Apathy on our part over the last few decades has given us the most powerful corrupt and socialist political machine ever formed in America.

It is going to take a united and dedicated organization of some sort to turn the tide before we all loose our right to vote and our freedoms.

The current controling political party openly admits they will not listen to the general publics view on opposition to thier agenda. We must be organized and openly show our displeasure the best way possible in the 2010 and 2012 elections least we may loose the right to vote after that. Leys hope we can expose ACORN, ACLU, and the other special interest groups for what they really are too.

Yes I am in.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Jerry Falwell try this with the Moral Majority ?


David said...

Yes, both Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson tried to have a political party -- it didn't work for all the same reasons we have denominations.

What I am suggesting is that individuals take it upon themselves to learn the scriptures, applying them to issues, and contact their representatives directly.

Tony C said...

Now we're talking!

The current party system in the U.S. is a dichotomy that forces constituents into an either/or choice. Throw in a couple of emotionally charged platform issues and you've got a party system that 'appears' to represent two clearly polarized schools of thought.

The problem lies in the fact that aside from the very few emotionally charged hot-button issues, the D's act like the R's and the R's act like the D's. They're identical! Go to the party platforms that came out of each party's convention last year. Christianity Today ran this article:

Republicans are currently running from an association with the religious right. Why? Christians by far make up the majority of the U.S. population, yet we've been shamed into sitting in the corner quietly or be label a Jesus freaks. Well I am a Jesus freak! (although I hate the connotation of the word freak)

The two current political parties have absolutely no intention of losing their grip on power. Both have at some point in history pandered to the faithful to appease the masses. Wake up Christians! You've been fooled into thinking the Republican Party is the Christian party with only a few sensitive political issues. Don't even get me started on the Democrats!

The Christian Party and the Christian Peoples Alliance Party in the U.K. are frequently mocked in the press, yet both parties have won council seats in recent local elections. Both base their political platforms directly on the teachings of Jesus. How can you go wrong?

photogr said...

David, Steve, and Tony:

I do seem to recall the moral majority ( Falwell)and Pat Robertson. I do recall the liberal news media branded them as religoius radicals as well as twist thier views.

We all do have to agree those two might have been a bit radical in their thoughts. Jesus was also a bit radical for His times too and see where that got Him. However, what separates mortals from Jesus is He was raised from the dead and through this action; He erased our sins as the ultimate sacrifice.

I have long been a proponent of a third political party based on the moral values and God that helped our fore fathers create this country. I trully think the citizens of this country are seeking a new direction in that area.

Sadly both current (and out dated) parties are lacking in that agenda. For too long we have been besieged with the Business as usual political machine in Washington for too many decades. No wonder we have fanatics like Pelosi, Reed and the rest running this country. We don't need political leaders enamorated with law degrees capable of providing wording that betrays the offices they were elected to serve. We need leaders with a strong sense of business management, moral, and ethical values brought to the offices of this land that serve the citizens on this nation. Not special interest groups.

What really gets my riled up is to talk to some one that professes they only vote Democratic or Republican because it has been ingrained in their minds that one party is better that the other or that is their party stance. Does any one vote with their mind any more based on facts? If they did we probably would not have Obama as President.

Lets talk about Christians. How many voted ( Involved)? How many do not vote ( Apathy)? The percentages are probably the same as non believers. There are well over 250,000,000 people in the USA that are of voting age. Then you have the ones that ACORN can generate if needed to sway the votes one way or another. That I can only guess is over 38 million un identified people.

If we as a united gorup of Christians and Americans get off our back sides and get involved in the 2010 campaigns and elections we can make a difference and send a clear message to Washington.

The big Word is IF we can unite.

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