Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kingdom Bloggers Goes Live

It is always exciting to to be a Christian. You may not always know what God is up to, but when you are listening, and hanging out with God's people, things do happen!

For a almost a year, I have been an online friend with the author of Woe Is Me and more recently the author of Tony C Today. These two guys have caused me to think, to pray and to be challenged in the things that I hold close. And they enjoy my sarcasm (to tear flesh). Together we have banded together in Jesus' name to write another blog focusing on the Kingdom of God.

This week it's testimonies, and I believe we are going to talk about answered prayer next -- who knows where it will go from there.

So check us out at www.kingdombloggers.com .

Some may ask why 3 guys that already have blogs joined to make one another? Good question. One night I had a dream about it - and then pretty much forgot about it until Dave called me. In the course of our conversation, he brought up the fact that we should do something together. Interesting. We thought that it would be an example of the body working together.

So here we go, both feet firmly planted in thin air-- holding on the promise we have a witness too.


And be sure, you can enjoy more of the same smart alec rants on Christian and political topics here - just like before.

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photogr said...

This will be interesting.

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