Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Most Annoying Phrases -- Verbal Fatigue

I heard about a poll on the radio in which 900 Americans were asked what phrases most annoyed them. Well here is the most recent list of terms. 47% responded that "whatever" is by far the worst of the bunch. Among the other cringe-worthy phrases were "you know" (25% of the votes), "it is what it is" (11%), "anyway" (7%) and "at the end of the day" (2%). I would have added "like" -- it must be the teens and 20-somethings in my life.

But there have been many other idioms and idiomatic expressions over the years, all of them causing verbal fatigue -- "really," "absolutely," "no problem" (thank you), "," at this moment in time" (I am going to change my mind at some other point in time), "with all due respect" (I think your a total idiot)," "to be honest with you," "24/7," and "it’s not rocket science." Actually, I prefer it's not rocket surgery.

The Bible says words have power, and that is just a sample. ;o] Today, I am going to take a "one man poll"-- after all, isn't that what a blog is? I have decided to list the phrases and words that are most annoying to me in politics and church -- and define them. Certainly you can agree, the following are way over used.

-1 Change - the word used to mean something tangible, something that we could be certain of. For example, the weather will change.

-2 Poll - This is a statistical analysis of how full of bologna you are in front of the teleprompter.

-3 Bi-Partisan - Let me translate this-- we aren't talking to you if you're on the other side.

-4 Ethics Reform - This really means that someone is going down for corruption, and this time they are on the other team.

-5 Deficit - Another word for bipartisan spending.

Runners up:
Yes we can - It means that we don't have to do anything, but win. The new status quo.

A teachable moment - Basically means that what you did doesn't agree with my agenda. However; conflict which I can control is good.

Race card - I don't have any compelling insight to win the debate, so instead of losing I will redirect by talking about something that is of little importance.

Then there are the most annoying phrases you hear in church.

-1 I'll call you - (when Hell freezes over) this word is most often heard in church lobbies the closer you get to the coffee pot. Akin to "we should get together." Sure, in the next life.

-2 I'll pray for you - this really means "I don't have time to listen to your sob story." (I have a T- time in 20 minutes.)

-3 Brother/Sister, the Lord sent me here to tell you .... -That’s odd, I was just talking to the Lord and He didn't mention that you were on your way.

-4 Revival is coming - Right, and until then we're going to do nothing for the poor, the widows, the sick, the oppressed or those standing right here in the lobby.

-5 Jesus loves you - overused perhaps, but not "meant" enough.


Tony C said...

Let me add:

Teenagers- 'I don't mean this bad, but...' (right)

Politics- 'I'm a true conservative...' (yet you vote to continue expanding gov't at the speed of light)

Church- 'Keep it old timey...' (robes and sandals?)

photogr said...

You got that right!

Craig Hubachek said...

I hate "the bottom line is" especially when it is repeated a dozen times in one conversation. How many bottom lines are there?

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