Monday, December 7, 2009

The Best Wife

The sweet summer air drifted by like a butterfly on swaying milkweeds. By night the lakeside; gentle waves lapping the sandy beach, glistening ripples transforming the stillness - as a stray headlight lit her hair and gentle smile. We sat like royalty overlooking our future -

She laughed when I poked her in the side.

The warm cascade of endorphins swirled about the cogs of logic - from surreal to real and back again, the hours passed. There we were atop the lifeguard chair, holding hands, talking, and gazing at heavens.

Mary Anne is the best thing that ever happened to me. Sure, meeting Jesus and all that religious stuff is eternal. Me, I still have to live here on earth, amuse my 6-year-old, manage teenagers, commute to work, pay bills, go to the dentist and grow old. I don't know about you, but that is a lot of work. And if you have to work that hard at life, it's nice to spend it with someone that recharges your batteries!

Have you ever noticed that when you buy a new car, it seems like everyone is driving the same model? I thought I was unique when I bought my VW Bug - but all of a sudden they were everywhere. I went to the mall one day, and I parked in a row of 5.

It's not like that with Mary Anne; there is no one like her! She meets an endless list of needs in my life, and leaves a few so I don't get spoiled. From her gentle hugs to my morning breakfast sandwich, she does it all. And then there's the morning coffee in bed as we lay in wait for the newscasters to make a mistake - a twisted tongue, a heavy Boston accent - they'll never live them down!

Our room, a sanctuary from three dogs, two young adults, Dora the Explorer and MTV, is filled with photos of us, a framed bulletin from our wedding and some mementos of our 8+ years together. We have three windows, each one with a view of an old maple tree. In the Fall, one turns yellow, one orange and one red.

My mahogany dresser has watches, a retro radio/CD player and some other guy stuff - err, I mean clutter. Hers has perfume, a pair of antique giraffes, and a statue of Jesus. The TV armoire is pedestal to one her favorites, a pair of ceramic figurines: The Tortoise and the Hair. She often references them during discussions.

Mary Anne is very thoughtful, and she added a new one, it is a lifeguard chair lamp. I may find myself referring to that, that next time we talk.


Mamakita said...

I love you :) XOXOXOX

David said...

I love you too! XOXOXOXO

Joyce Lighari said...

Great blog -- genuine and sincere ... thanks for sharing it.

zoe said...

cute :) I <3 mary anne

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