Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009 - Reflections

Bah Humbug! This is the first Christmas Eve that I have had to work since I can remember. I am getting out at 1 pm, and looking forward to the day's activities - family, wrapping, eating and church - yes, in that order.

Today I am thinking about my family: My 6-year-old; her excitement this morning, my wife and her joy about visiting her family for another Christmas Eve, my 20-something at work showing off her new engagement ring while styling doll hair, and my 18-year-old who is in the midst of the difficult transition from teenager to adulthood.

Holidays can be tough sometimes. For me, for the most part, I can look back and find times of joy. The first Christmas I spent with Mary Anne. My little ones coming down the stairs to survey their gifts, quiet moments in a church service - ones like now where I remember when I was in the presence of Jesus, times with family and even those when I wasn't with them. There is a sadness as I miss my parents for another year.

I am thinking about a few friends that I have met online this year - Christians that I enjoy. I have thought about all those that I have reconnected with on Facebook; some from Kindergarten and before!

I am thinking about our service men and woman - in particular my nephew stationed on Iraq and an old classmate en route to Afghanistan.

Whatever feelings Christmas brings to you, I hope that you will find some that you can cherish; moments with our Savior, and those that He has given us to love.

To you, and yours, a very Merry Christmas. Go and adore Him.

I wrote a couple of other blogs about Christmas on Kingdom Bloggers and there is a archive of the Fire & Grace ones too - here are a couple of links.

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photogr said...

It seems at Christmas time one runs through a flood of emotions, reflections, and memories of Christmas past. Especially the ones with the children and their excitement.

We are thankful for those memories and the ones to come. We are thankful for Jesus and all that He was, is, and is to come. We are thankful for a church ( though not perfect) that encourages the Spiritual Gifts and allows the Holy Spirit to flourish and touch others ( many churches don't).

I am thankful for making connections with other believers around the world.

I am thankful to have met you and I am encouraged by your articles on faith.

Dear Brother in the faith, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.


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