Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I Thought PC Was Being Polite, Not Stupid!

Well, score one for the Taunton, MA Pubic School System. Today they suspended a 2nd grader for drawing a "violent" stick figure of Jesus on the cross. (left) Top that off with sending him to the shrink before allowing him to come back to school. (Article)

Around these parts, the Catholic church is the most well attended church denomination in New England. There are crucifixes everywhere! That's why the little sign over Jesus on the crucifix says "IN RI." Not really... it says "Jesus Christ King of the Jews in 3 languages.

When I was in Norway, we heard that Sweden had enacted a law which basically said any "Born Again Christians" had mental problems and were to be treated as such. We were on a team with some guys that had been put away because they "heard from God!" Now I understand that most churches don't want to hear from God, but this was pathetic.

I was reading the comments on the article, and they range from "fire the incompetent idiots" to, "why would a public school teacher ask kids to do a Christmas assignment?" I am shaking my head.

A the end of the age, Christians will be persecuted around the world. It will not be supposed private comments by left-wing politicians like, "Christians cling to the guns and religion." The question then will not be "Are you willing to stand up for your faith?" but "Are you willing to die for it?"

And for the record - I don't buy the pre-tribulation rapture theology. I think we're going to be here for the tribulation. And like the real body of Christ, the body of Christ will suffer. But this blog isn't about your tribulation theology, I am just wondering if you are willing to die for your faith?


Anonymous said...

You've defined PC the same way I do, which is a nice thing to agree on.

In this case, it doesn't appear to be PC to blame, nor religious persecution. Instead, you've got the problem of schools being increasingly on alert for violent children. The teacher made a bad call on calling this picture violent. But once that was done, there's that whole documented process, including calling the shrinks (oops, mental health care professional!).

I think dad was right to call the school on this, and it seems the school agreed, as they voluntarily transferred the child.

Michelle said...


I, too, believe the Church will suffer through tribulation.

But.. back to the subject. Am I willing to die for my faith? I hope so. I believe it's a question that too many people are quick to answer. Peter himself denied Jesus three times for his own safety. In the end, of course, he did lay down his life for Christ. HOWEVER, I believe that if I die for my faith, it will totally be God giving me that ability and nothing of myself.

photogr said...

I have to agree with anonymous on the school issue. It might have been less of an issue if the teacher was more specific on what to draw considering the student had learning issues.

Am I willing to die for my faith? You bet!

Now this doesn't mean I am going to be passive and roll over and die. I don't think God meant for us to do that with out a good fight against the opressors with what ever means we would have at our disposal. Even if it meant another civil war.

As the left wing politicians stated about Christians clinging to guns and religion, there is a reason for it. The constitution grants us the right to bear arms for protection and that includes against the radical liberals too. The day we have to surrender our arms is the day we will be enslaved by an ideaology that wants to control us in all aspects of our lives.The former Russia comes to mind.

The constitution also gave us the right to worship as we please with out fear of reprisals. The day that is taken away is the day America ceases to exist as a nation of freedom for all.

It will be a divided nation with strife and wars with some battling the powers in control and some joining the powers in control for fear of death not knowing the glory that awaits those that failed to surrender their faith.

If we don't fight for our freedoms and be heard, we deserve what ever is thrown at us.

Anonymous said...

Calling out Russia (I think you mean the USSR) or Nazi Germany for non-PC statist behavoir is kind of lame. Both of these states are long gone.

The Kingdom of Saud (also known as "Saudi Arabia") is a wonderful example of a truly hostile state. It is a totalitarian state, ruled by an imbred elite. Christianity is against the law. If you're an infidel (technially, "foreign dog"), you may worship the Lord behind closed doors.

The 9/11 terrorists? 19 of 20 were from Saudi Arabia.

David said...

I am with Michelle - martyrdom has an anointing from God.

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