Thursday, January 7, 2010

Setting Up Road Blocks - The Way to Freedom

It is almost time for Massachusetts residents to vote in a successor to liberal Democrat Ted Kennedy. Scott Brown is within 8 or 9 points of Martha Coakley in the polls. If he were elected, then things like Cap and Trade, Health Care reform, and adding troops in Afghanistan would not have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate - meaning that there would probably be more moderate and less expensive solutions.

It is interesting that I take some comments from Christians who think that you can't be both spiritually minded and politically active. I have two response.

1 - I seek first the Kingdom of God, and so should everyone else.

2 - It is this very thinking that has caused a significant decline in morality in the US and many other countries. Why? When folks don't care about godly principals they vote form other motivations - financial, social etc. - or abdicate altogether! Christians have sat back as prayer and Bible reading was banned in public schools, abortion was made legal, and even the 10 Commandments are stripped from our culture.

In any case, the insanity and deficit spending is a problem for us all. Most folks are for "free" government services until they have to pay for them - it's fine if someone else is paying.

I guess what matters to me is that we have sane solutions, retain personal freedom to choose products and services that we want - just like religion and speech. So far no one is telling me what religion to be or what to say. No thanks to anyone telling me what school my kids need to go to, or what insurance I must have.

I don't mind giving up some freedom for the good of others, but I don't like giving it up to pad someones pockets.

Look, I know the end of the age is coming. Until the last trumpet, I'll keep on praying, keep on hoping and keep on speaking out for the kingdom. I believe that the Jews and probably a lot of others in the days of Jesus were praying for a release from a controlling Roman government.

Did you know that in the end, everyone but the true church will be deceived into voting/supporting the Antichrist? For those Christians that still think 1 Opinions is their favorite book, there will be a price to pay.

If you live in Massachusetts, please vote on December 19th. If you don't, please write your Senators, Congressmen and woman to endorse Scott Brown. It is chance to bring some balance to the ever important debates on Capital Hill.

Please pray, please vote and be vigilant, He is coming soon.

And while tour at it, let's see if we can get CSPAN to televise the health care negotiations.


photogr said...


We all as Christians have no one to blame but our selves for being so complacent when God, Prayer, and the Ten Commandments were banned.

We had a right to speak up and fight those moves that a small group through political activation took away from us. We had the same opportunity to organize and campaign to do what we rightfully should have done but remained silent and passive.

I would have to think that God wants us involved in politics as part of His will to spread the Good News and fight to preserve His word to the masses.

Sadly that is not the case with Good Christians. They all seem to want to bury their heads in the sand with political issues and they are wrong and not following God's will.

We as a whole are not any different than the people that rebelled against God's word in the biblical times. We say we follow scriptures but we do something else instead.

Until we can unite and stand as a unified group against these atrocities happening, we will loose more of our freedoms in faith.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that your Massachusetts readers take a look at Joe Kennedy for Senator. He shares the name, but is unrelated to that other Kennedy family.

Joe is a strong pro-life, pro-liberty private businessman with solid solutions for what ails America. Here's a quote from his campaign website:

"No candidate who advocates for continued military spending or who advocates a significant raise in entitlement spending, such as the one proposed in the Health Care Bill, is being truthful about cutting spending and cutting taxes. For decades politicians have promised to give people entitlements to get their votes. At the same time, the same politicians promise to cut taxes to get other people’s votes. It’s not possible, and I will not do that. Here, detailed below, is the spending I will cut; and how I will address taxes afterwards."

David said...

@Anonymous (MM) - I am familiar with Joe Kennedy and he is an excellent alternative to any of the previous Democratic offerings; especially MC. Unfortunately with only one week to go, and his poll numbers in the low single digits, he is not the winner that we need to displce the 60th seat in the Senate.

This time I am going to pass on him. Truthfully, I think he wants to run for Governor, and has a much better chance at gaining traction against the current ineffective regime.

Thanks for mentioning him.

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