Monday, February 8, 2010

Some Things Gotta Change

There are a lot of things that make a church tick. The more I listen - especially to those that have complaints, the more I see things have got to change. As we transition from the old religious way of doing things, to a spirit led body that is able to respond to the the commands of Jesus and the needs of a region, the church has some adjusting to do - a new wine skin if you will.

I also hear talk of revival, but even passionate believers with charismatic magnetism need to have a plan; a method of working that accomplishes the deeds of Heaven. It cannot be a legalistic framework, but must be a living breathing organism that can adapt to the changing needs of the church, and the surrounding community.

I talk a lot about what the church must do to jettison religious paradigms. Today I thought I would spell it out with opposites in no particular order.

Knowing about God Knowing God
Services Spirit Led Meetings
Programs Spirit Led Teaching
Pastor-centric Cells 5-Fold Equipped Elders
Efforts of Man Works of God
Believe-ism Faith
Clergy Dominated Participating Communities
Leader/CEO Team Led
Religious Meeting Oriented Highly Relational
Attending Church Being the Church
Member Focused Community Focused
Cloning Staffing for Weaknesses
Controlling Release
Talent Gifting
Congregations City Church
Corporate Structure Biblical Structure
Back Room Meetings Full Financial Disclosure
Talk Walk
Spectatorship Participation
(Believers Ministry)
Sloppy Agape Accountability
Leading Mentoring
Decisions Disciples
Natural Supernatural

I'd be interested in what you think - but if you don't comment, at least vote.


photogr said...

How do I answer this David?

You know how I feel about the Body of Christ and yes I do seem to complain about it frequently when I see the injustice that goes on with in some churches.

Your program is very well laid out for a new revival with in the Body of Christ but what are you doing to bring it to frutition?

I am ready to follow in a new direction which will fall in line with the Lord's teachings and allow the free will of the Holy spirit with in the Body of Christ.

We can complain till we are blue in the face but if we never do something to change the course, are we not just accepting the status quoa as the political policy of the Church?

2SenseWorth said...

Hello David, I just want to say that the church is the Bride of Christ and we are one. I want to share a little positive feedback about "we the church".. I am happy to be able to say that I love my church. That doesn't mean to say that I'm less spiritual because it doesn't meet every mark listed, or that I'm just content, or that God comes down every Sunday morning in demonstration of creative healing's and prophecy, because He doesn't... "But", He does move and there's good Word preached, and outreaches, missions, etc. My pastor is teachable and his heart and the general attitude of the people is one of love and seeking after the heart of God. Much of the youth are, and have been, flourishing in the Lord... onfire for Jesus, leading worship beautifully, doing their best to reach the lost, and growing up going off to ministry school's and missions. Though there's much more to achieve and obtain as the church (and we should seek after that), there is still a lot to be thankful for in many of our spirit-filled churches. Some of what may seem the mundain practices of ordinary Christianity is still foundation and necessary for the younger in Christ among us as well as great refreshers for us all in our human-ness. I for one can't be reminded enough the foundations of Christ and Christianity mixed in with the exciting supernatural, for it comes as a refresher just as a situation arises in which God knows I've lost the appropriate teaching in the depths of a cerebrial wilderness... He then, thru His mouthpieces or His written Word, reaches down into the miry clay of the mind grabbing hold of those truths and "wah-lah" the light bulb comes back on! :-)
My opinion is that the outline listed is what the church should be desiring to attain, and if not may be stuck in religious mediocracy, but let us thank God for what factions of the church are doing something right, not be rebuking our foot, our leg or our pinky for how they don't measure up, but to care for and encourage each working member, nurturing it into complete health wholeness. Isn't that what God's grace is all about?
Thanks for reading my little attempt at a testimony of gratefullness for God's grace, my siblings in Christ, also our free ("at this time") country to assemble together in worship, and for the blessing of my pastor and my local church body.
P.S. Put an "inpiring" option in the voter section and I'll vote! :-)

David said...

@ 2SenseWorth - Thanks for your comment.

Thanks for your positive feedback. It adds to the perspective.

I don't think that Jesus was asleep as the church has ebbed and flowed with the times. We are the Body regardless of what from our expression or level of faith is at.

Yes, there are certainly some churches that get it and are working to balance the Word and the Spirit. Bravo. I appreciate your sharing about your church and their pursuit of the Master. For that, I vote inspiring.

Thanks for the message on grace and gratitude.

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