Thursday, April 1, 2010

Green, the Slippery Slope - Because Cap and Trade Won't Work

Is the leadership of this country psychotic? Nope. President Obama is a politician. After raping the majority of the Americans over the passage of nationalized health care, he has decided to throw the Republicans a bone. OIL! But Californy ain’t the place, it is the East Coast and in particular Florida.

As our fearless leader steps well to the right as a damage control effort to keep the Congress as close to his side as he can during his tenure – and through the mid-term elections next November – he’s hoping that you and I will have forgotten that the average middle-class American will be paying from 4% to 15% more in health care depending on their current coverage – or lack there of.

I am sure that it is his hope that the start of this exploration will last until just after the 2010 House elections, and the finish just after the 2014 presidential election.

It’s an interesting turn of events for those that suffer, but did not curb their driving habits in the wake of $4 a gallon gasoline prices a while back. We did, as a family, end up buying 3 Toyota Yaris and a Honda Civic. (And I am driving less because I hate it more and more.)

What is unfortunate is that this is only a political move. It has nothing to do with getting us off foreign oil, nor does it do anything towards making the climate cleaner. A few years ago I suggested to my representatives that we should give a tax free year to Detroit if they could come up with an electric car that cost $15k or less.

Senator Ted Kennedy replied:

"Dear Mr. Johndrow, thank you for your recent letter regarding foreign oil. As you know, the reduction of foreign oil usage is at the forefront of the Democratic agenda along with the expansion of renewable energy resources. It is; however, imperative that we drill in an environmentally sound way to provide Americans freedom from the demands of foreign oil producing nations....."

Thanks Ted. How about the tax free year? How about the electric car?

Since then, we have bailed out two thirds of Detroit, made no strides towards getting of foreign oil (tied to Saudi support of Al Queda), cleaned up the metric tons of pollution that are emitted each day over the skies of American cities, and sadly, we have again been blown out the water by the Nissan Leaf which is going to be for sale in the American market for about $25k. Oh and to top it off, we’re going to pay another Japanese automaker twice what we gave them for the Cash for Clunkers deal. There is a $7,500 tax credit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The government is going to stimulate the economy with my money right after they gave GM and Chrysler billions.

Is it just me, or does this make you mad as all get out? Is there anyone thinking on Capital Hill? The last two presidencies could be billed as Dumb and Dumber. Or Spender and Big Spender.

As Christians we are to care for our environment. It’s biblical. As Christians we are to be a part of voting for social change that is also biblical, even if we are the only one that votes. Check out Daniel.

When it comes to common sense, this college drop out thinks that there is little. Because of the sheer stupidity and political gaming, we have missed another opportunity to lead in manufacturing, to stimulate the economy, to get off foreign oil and clean up the environment?

WWJD? I’d like to think he’d go kick over a few tables.


Tony C said...

American should start a cycle of voting out every incumbent each election until we get a group that finally understands they work for us and not special interest groups or themselves.

I picture it working sort of like that next blog icon at the top of this page...

Tracy said...

Gosh, I SO relate to the frustration you express so articulately here


As much as it frustrates me, I truly believe the Obama administration is just unfolding of Bible prophecy. My real frustration is the millions who are being deceived by his smooth talk. Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

It is clear the anti Christ is here.

photogr said...

Obamas only hope now is to grant amnesty to the 10 million plus illegal immigrants with a right to vote to save his socialist party agenda.

I don't think any American with any smarts can now say he is a good president. Our only salvation is to get him and his cronies voted out of office while we still have the right to vote.

Anonymous might be right but that doesn't mean we should just roll over and play dead. We need to become a strong united political force to save our democracy untill we are gathered up on the day of the Rapture. To do otherwise in my opinion is condoling socialism or worse.

GCT said...

What's wrong with socialism?

Our country is not a strictly capitalistic system. When we tried a more capitalistic system, it didn't work. The free market left unchecked doesn't work. Going to the extreme end of any economic policy generally doesn't work. That's why we mix socialistic and capitalistic ideas to try and find the right balance.

And, I wonder if Anonymous is a Poe. Does anyone really believe that Obama is Satan in disguise?

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