Monday, June 28, 2010

For Better or Worse

It was 7 years ago today, that I said "I do" - and so faintly, no one heard me. Mary Anne took my breath away then, and still does now. We stood there looking into each others eyes - her hands shaking. I think we also said "for better or worse." I certainly couldn't have done any better, and she couldn't have done much worse. ;o) My bride occasionally reminds me that men who are married live longer, and woman who are single, also do.

I maintain, she's the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you God!

Today I wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how, and remind myself how awesome Mary Anne is. Not too long before meeting her I received a prophetic word about how marriage would heal me from not only divorce, but from some other issues. God is like that. He uses everything in our lives to bring us to the the fullness of His plan and destiny for us.It has definably been healing.

Mary Anne and I met 9 years ago tomorrow. Since that time here is what I discovered about her:

- She is kind
- She is patient
- She is beautiful
- She is a great cook
- She is a great mom and step mom, always putting others before herself
- She is a faithful Christian, and not prone to some of the immature stuff we see too much of.
- She is a devoted daughter - how I wish my parents were around to enjoy her
- She is creative
- She is intelligent
- She is sincere - amazingly sincere
- She is sensitive
- She is a very funny
- She works hard
- She is a pet lover supreme
- She is loving
- She is turned off by cheap talk
- She Enjoys making others happy
- She is  GREAT friend

and most important of all, she's the love of my life.

How about you, do you have a significant other? What are their best qualities?

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2SenseWorth said...

Awww.... How very sweet. You have been blessed with a Prov. 31 woman, no doubt! Cherish every moment of what you have together (as I can see that you do). God bless you both today with a very special anniversary, and with many many more, all wrapped in His divine health, protection, direction/purpose, and great great love. Blessings, "For Better or Worse". :-)

Linda said...

Wonderful post about your wife...she sure sounds lovely.
I have been married 40 years to my husband Marcel.
He is faithful
He is giving
He speaks out when something isn't right
He loves his family ( me, our son, our daughter, our daughter-in-love, our granddaughter and our grandson)
He doesn't give up when the going gets rough
He is my best friend
He is a good listener
He is a good provider
He shows his Love by his actions
He'll eat whatever I make *smile*
He is loyal
He never gave up on me
He is funny
...and I am sure much, much more than I can think of in this moment, but one thing I am sure of is, that God blessed me with a good man and for that I am grateful

photogr said...

Happy anniversary to you and Mary Anne, David.

This time take her out some place special, Arrange for a baby sitter for the young one, and don't stop at the grocccery store or pharmacy as an after thought. Live it up in celebration of your vows.

Yep I have a wife too. She is certainly special. I am thankful that she puts up with me. We will be celebrating our 46th anniversary in July.

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