Friday, July 9, 2010

Gold Dust - God's Glory Manifest

I've had a lot of history with the Charismatic Renewal and the more recent Charismatic Movement for which the "gold" phenomenon or miracles are usually identified.

First, let me speak of my own experience. In 1999 I took my kids a meeting with Kathy and David Walters. There were about 200 in attendance. During one of the meetings, my 8-year-old was radically baptized in the Holy Ghost. She went up for prayer 7 or 8 times, and the last time she was out for nearly an hour. That night she began to pray in the spirit. For over an hour she pressed in until she finally went into some sort of glory land. I left her there in her room. The next day she couldn't wait to get back to the conference. She went to the ladies room during the 2nd meeting, and from there, all the way in the back of the church, so everyone could hear, she cried out, "I have gold dust on my face!" I saw it.

A few months later I was at another meeting with the now deceased, Larry Lambert. We had a wonderful time during his meetings. After the Saturday meeting, we went to a Chinese Restaurant in town. When the waiter came to take my order, he seemed somewhat puzzled. My face was covered with gold dust, and he pointed it out. Everyone at the table got a bit of surprise, as all had never seen it before. The next night a woman that is a friend of mine, received a gold crown which was previously porcelain. Her dentist later verified it, and said that the work was of the highest quality.

That is my experience. Does the Bible make room for it? I believe it does.

John 21:25 Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.

I believe that God does everything with purpose - but does everything have a purpose? The water turned into wine had no real purpose, but certainly it somehow pointed to communion. When Jesus walked on the water, it was simply a sign of His miracle working power. I would also agree, gold dust and gold teeth are unusual manifestations.

Often time folks think this sort of stuff is from the devil. They talk about counterfeit miracles - yet many of them have never seen a miracle. Signs and wonders do make you wonder -amen?

Others say that some worship the sign and wonders. There were a lot of folks that worshiped Jesus until he hung on a cross.

I have a friend that was overseas in a hotel in Asia. At check in, he was told the cable TV was down in the hotel going on 3 days. He told the front desk that he would pray for it to be restored, and he did right there, and it was! They were so grateful, they let him preach at the indoor pool. And in the process, folks got saved and baptized. Worship signs and wonders? Silly.

In my case. the gold dust opened a door for us to witness to the fella at the Chinese place; he later got saved. The dentist for my friend was astounded at the gold dental work. He did come to church for a short while. I do not know if he made a decision for Christ. I do know that he was impressed with God's handy work.

I believe that the gold is a sign of the glory to come. I don't focus on signs and wonders, but I believe that the true church is to be filled with them. And cautiously, I also believe Satan's counterfeits are always there for those that don't really know Jesus; to led them away.


photogr said...

This is the first time I have ever heard of gold dust on faces or in the mouth as a miracle from God.

Healings, tongues, prophesy,and miracles I have heard of but never gold dust.

Granted I am a skeptic unless I see it first hand. I have also never read about this occurence in the scriptures either.

Perhaps it is only associated with a partucular denomination.

David said...

@Larry - is a truck water pump repair in the Bible? Is receiving money other than in a fishes mouth in the Bible? The answer is no.

And no, it's not a denominational thing.

photogr said...


Recently one of my daughters was being forced to move out of her home since being put on on SSI from a serious back injury and could not continue to afford high house rent payments.

We had been praying for a way to help her and find more reasonable housing that would be with in her budget.

To my utter surprise, a neighbor came up to me and asked if I would be interested in buying his home as he was moving to Tennessee to be near his ailing son. He said he would nearly give it to me as he knew my daughter was needing a place to move to and this would help him out too. How he knew I don't really know unless I might have mentioned it but I don't recall.

It is a handy man special but it was not in too bad of shape. Fixing a few water leaks, some paint and some roofing work might be all it needs.

The same day, my bank sent me a letter asking if I would need a loan for house hold repairs or buy a home since my home was paid for. The loan was pre approved the letter stated and all I had to do was call. I told them my plans to help my daughter get this home and they approved it right away.

Now we have enough money to do the repairs, close on the home, and allow my daughter a more reasonable home to live in as well as own it rather than renting.

The price? Lets just say the payments are going to be 65% less than she was paying in rent.

I don't think that can be found in the bible either.Was it Luck? I don't think so. Was it a divine miracle? I can verify that it was.

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