Wednesday, August 11, 2010

5 1/2 The Christian Blogosphere Culture

Fire & Grace is like a particle of dust in the entire blogger universe. I guess I might be like a lint ball in the smaller Christian online world. The Jesus loving blogospehere can be friendly, but it suffers some violence too. Check out Jesus Needs New PR or Stuff Christian Culture Likes, that should open your eyes.

It actually got me to thinking about what God thinks of this blog. Finally, right? I haven't got an answer yet.

It's interesting, I started reading other blogs and I liked the style of some of them - more than my own even. I know it's not a contest, but I spend a lot of time writing, editing, and creating Fire & Grace. The more readers I have, the more I feel like I am "doing God's will." I know, stupid, right?

I did all the things that are recommended for making your blog popular. I made it shorter, numbered the points - well (5 1/2 - I know, slightly retarded), linked out, guest blogged, had guest bloggers, did a series (The Top 10 Stupidest Things Christians Do), used provocative blog titles, I comment back as often as I can, commented on other blogs, got a Facebook Fan Page, a Fire & Grace Twitter, Networked Blogs, Email notifications, joined a collaborative blog ( and changed the look. I even toned down the sarcasm! Whew!

My competitors, however; have upped the anty. They are writing books! It swear, it was my idea a long time ago. I started writing the blog so that I could compile enough verbiage for a book. HERE'S the proof. They are giving away stickers, pins, books, gift cards and ponies. And now these guys are doing speaking engagements! What is next, real life? Have we come full circle?

In my quest to be "relative", "emergent" and "poular," I have not really grown too much. I am hovering around 1,000 visits a month. I know, I am grateful for small beginnings.

I do want to say thanks to Tracy over at Abundant Living, Matt at the The Church of No People and my Friends on Facebook for being the generous traffic tithers! If this was a real church, you'd have a bronze plaque in the narthex or a decorative ceramic tile in the rest room with your name on it.

What's the next move?

-1 Comment with suggestions on making this blog better.
-2 Share my blog on Facebook or Twitter, unless you are too embarrassed. I have a long way to go before I can retire from blogging like Tony C Today.
-3 You can tell me that you'd like to make a book out of my random rants. I already have 100 pages written, and nearly 500 blogs to draw from.
-4 Send me a list of dumb things Christians do and I promise to capitalize on their stupidity - in love of course.
-5 You can invite me to speak. I actually like that better than blogging. Really I do, and I have some frequent flier miles.
-5 1/2 You can pray for me.

Thanks for reading along - but comment once in a while - it won't hurt, I promise.

1 comment:

Tony C said...

Semi-retired! Tony C is only semi-retired from blogging!

I've noticed my readers have declined since I only post weekly, so maybe I need to 'man up' and pull a Brett Favre.

It's good to know I can always count on a crack from you...

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