Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 1/2 Reasons to Love the Beach

This week I am away at the beach. It's a time to spend with my wife and 6-year-old. The older girls and I had a few days up at Lake George, NY a couple of weeks ago.

-1 Waves: There is no sense going to the beach unless there are waves. Otherwise you can just take a take a bath. The bigger the waves the better! The raw power of the ocean is a sign of His majesty. I find it soothing and very spiritual. And boogie boarding is a lot more work than software programing!

-2 Sand: It's not the ocean if there isn't some place to get sand between your toes. Don't get me wrong, I love the rocky coast too. It's just that I like to be barefoot as much as possible. I also like to walk, and the longer the beach the more I like it.

-3 Sunshine: I pretty much work in an elevator shaft, so I look forward to as much sun as I can get near. I enjoy the shade on a sunny day, and late afternoon walks on the beach. As a pasty white American, SPF 5,000 is essential along with a pair of Ray Bans. Except for about 5 years out of my life, I lived in a town that had an ocean beach or was really close. Branford, CT, Portland, ME, Old Saybrook, CT, Orleans, MA, Hyannis, MA, and my favorite, Eastham, MA. I enjoyed all types of weather - even the fog and drizzle. It's summer now, so I am looking forward to the sunshine.

-4 Ice Cream: Second only to souvenirs (check out this BLOG on those), I enjoy a large A & W Root Beer float, a mint chocolate chip cone, or a DQ Peanut Buster Parfait. I'll settle for less  but not much less.

-5 Nothing to Do: After the beach, the go karts, the trampoline, picking at my guitar, there's not much to say about nothing to do. You just need to find a quiet relaxing place to do it. This week it's Cape Cod.

-5 1/2 The Sound of  the Waves...

How about you, do you like the beach?


Charlie Chang said...

This probably aligns with #5, but the idea of there not being a schedule. Just going to the beach in the morning and not really planning anything for the day except maybe where to go for dinner.

I wasn't able to get to the beach this year as we had our son. My wife went with our kids and her in laws while I stayed home since I didn't have any time off.
I think it was more of a mini vacation for me actually :)

photogr said...

There is nothing like the beach to bring one closer to the Lord and appreciate His creations.

So much open space to see (except for the Condos). The walks along the beach at sunset with only the rolling sounds of the surf hitting the shore line ( except when some one yells shark and it turns out to be dolphin).

Looking out over the emerald green waters in the gulf is so enjoyable ( except when you spot an oil slick in the middle of it thanks to BP oil).

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