Wednesday, August 25, 2010

5 1/2 Unusual Church Service Moments

Church is a diverse place. It will make you, laugh, make you mad, and make you cry. Here are some clips - they are mostly about a 1 minute or less. I hope you enjoy my twisted menu of what we call church.

So tell me, which of the following videos would Jesus be like, "that ain't me!"


Revsimmy said...

When I hit the button for Cardboard Testimonies I wasn't expecting to watch more than a minute, but it was powerful gripping stuff and brought a lump to my throat. Much more compelling than the "Revival Fire". I know that a few minutes of video is not enough evidence to form a proper judgement, but I couldn't help wondering which church is bearing more real fruit?

David said...

@Rev - yeah, I love that clip! Gets me every time I watch it.

One does not know how folks are responding to the power of God in Revival Fire - maybe healing, maybe awe, who knows.

But for certain, these clips were out of the ordinary.

photogr said...

I would have to say the one with the cardboard testimonials is the true productive church.

I find doubts on the tape of a row of people falling over alledgedly being possessed by the Holy spirit as if on command. Seems fake. I don't think any man born today ( pastor or missionary) can have such God given grace or power to put many into a seemingly identical trance all at once. These people were duped or actors.

Motorcycles in church? And the others.Yeah, some were humorous, others, offensive.

Perhaps I am showing my age but I feel a relationship with God is something to be held in the highest of respect and reverence with an individual and personal touch. It is the holiest of moments to be shared and private between God and you.

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