Thursday, August 19, 2010

Read 'Em and Weep... I'll Raise You 10!

When I first became a Christian, I didn't try too hard to add any knowledge to my faith. I didn't go to church, and I prayed gimme prayers. I was pretty sure I was saved - no I was sure - well, almost positive.

A few years later I met a guy at work that was involved in The Way Ministry cult. He quickly challenged my beliefs, and offered a lot of knowledge about the scriptures. Some of the things that he said were confusing, but he answered my every question. I decided to read my Bible (interesting thought, right?) I was still confused. In a few short weeks, their teachings had begun to work on me. The logic was impeccable, yet something didn't seem right. It didn't pass the smell test. Finally, I went to a Christian bookstore to see if I could find a book with all the answers.

I bought a Strong's Concordance with the Greek and Hebrew Lexicon, Gleason L. Archer's Bible Difficulties Encyclopedia, Ungers Bible Handbook, and a couple of commentaries. I poured over them for weeks. HERE is a list of just about everything  I have ever read with reviews, if you have a GoodReads account.

Some Christian folks that I knew sat down with me, and we talked about all the things that I was confused by. They gave me a book that had really helped them connect with God; 9 o'Clock in the Morning was the title. It opened the door to a much more intimate relationship with God. It made me so hungry that I started reading every book they recommended - in them I found life, not head knowledge.

I think that books can uncover some wonderful biblical truths. More importantly they can share testimonies of what it is like to walk with God and experience Him. Of course the Bible is my #1, but here are my top 10 favorite books of all time.

-1 Like a Mighty Wind - Mel Tari: This book reads like the book of Acts. It is a personal testimony written during the Indonesian Revival of the late 60's. If you have read the Gospel accounts of Jesus' miracles, you'll find these short stories almost as fascinating.

-2 I Beleive in Miracles - Kathryn Kuhlman: I love testimonies of the things that God does in the lives of normal folks like myself. This book is filled with page after page of healing testimonies from a woman of God, who; was able to fill venue after venue with folks that we desperate for healing - and Jesus did it.

-3 The Apostle of Faith - Smith Wigglesworth: What would your life be like if the only book you ever read was the Bible? What would it be like if no more than 15 minutes went by before you picked it up again? What it be like if you prayed and prayed? The chronicles of a simple man with using his spiritual gifts empowered by simply faith. 

-4 Good Morning Holy Spirit - Benny Hinn: Regardless of what you think about the author and a couple of refuted claims, you'll find this book can supercharge your daily walk with God by befriending the Holy Spirit, and asking Him to take over each day.

-5 The Blood - Benny Hinn: We've all sung the hymn, Nothing but the Blood. But how many of us really know the power that is in the blood of Jesus? How can we appropriate the this power to walk in holiness? The answer is within these pages.

-6 The God Chasers - Tommy Tenny: An extraordinary testimony of how God's Holy Spirit came to convict folks of sin with an amazing sign. Weeping repentance, and hunger for the things of God are weaved into the life of an everyday preacher.

-7 The God Smuggler - Bros. Andrew A favorite because of the heart, the obedience, and the excitement of a normal Christian as God calls him to work behind the Iron Curtain after WW II.

-8 Jesus Freaks - DC Talk (the book, ot the CD): How many of us give much of a thought to being martyred for the cause of Christ? This book is fill with vignettes of many who lost their lives for the Kingdom of God. It spans every century of the Christian Church.

-9 9 o'Clock in the Morning - Dennis Bennett: If you are looking for a God who actually does something in your life, here is a handbook on developing a relationship with Jesus, and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

-10 The Release of the Spirit- Watchman Nee; Do you some home from church feeling string, but by Monday afternoon you are needing a recharge? Here is a handbook to growing up spiritual, and learning to release the spirit that God puts within us when we are born again.


Tony C said...

I was reading your blog this morning while I...well, never mind that...and made a note on several reads we discussed earlier.

The more I thought about the Benny Hinn books though, I'm not sure I could objectively read them knowing he was the author. Yes, I know the old cliche about judging, the book and the cover...but that guy seems wacko to me.

I'm working in it.

2SenseWorth said...

Thanks for the reading recommends. Understanding Tony C's observation, but, in awaiting David's resonse, can I say Benny only gets a little wacko (ie peculiar)under the annointing, as was Jesus~spit/dirt -->ummmm LOL. May I be that wacko when I grow up!!! LOL :-)

David said...

@Tony - my friend. I simply encourage you to step past personalities. Hell, I even read a book by MacArthur and I would never read another one. But now I know why. Check out my list on Good Reads - I have read a diverse group of authors.

I don't like to promote authors, but when it connects me with Jesus in a meaningful way, or unlocks the Scripture, I try to hear God in it. Don't get me wrong, I am not going to be reading any books from Charles Manson anytime soon.

I simply can tell you that these books built my faith, because I saw God in them. There might even be some "untruth" in some of them, but the caused me to question my stand-sit-kneel-sing-go-home-Christianity and pursue Jesus for everything that He had to offer.

If you go online, you'll probably find bad stuff about all those authors - hey even me. But if you'll look beyond the man, try to connect with God.

How do you know I am not wacko?

Or read the other 8!

@2SW - thanks for being a faithful friend and reader.

Tracy said...

I'm with you in that God has used books/testimonies of others to deepen my relationship with Him.

photogr said...

Other books are good to get different perspectives on what is said in the Bible. How ever, some propose a different tilt to what is actually said in the bible ( adjusting verses to fit their teachings such as Koresh and Jones). Then you don't have the true meaning but only a meaning of that particular cults teachings.

In the comming times many new faiths will profess to be true Christ followers but beware. Many will be only deceivers and lead you astray.

There is a fine line between true bible teachings and cult teachings. We must all be on guard.

Heather said...

One of my personal faves is Faith & Will by Julia Cameron. I do like Wigglesworth and of course the book The Hevenly Man.

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